12 Ways to Pimp Your Cozy Coupe

Want to know what the best-selling car in America is?  Hint: It’s not a Toyota Camry.  It’s the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe.

I first touched on Cozy Coupe remakes here with this amazing pink and black plush Batmobile. Amazing, right?

Totally inspired, I hopped on Pinterest and found a TON of these remakes! Parents all over are turning the basic red-and-yellow coupes that we all love into reflections of personality.

It’s like MTV’s Pimp My Ride, but toddler edition.  My mind is officially blown.

Here are twelve amazing ways to pimp your toddler’s cozy coupe:

  • Lightning McQueen 1 of 12
    Lightning McQueen
    My son would die for this. Luckily, this mom blogged a tutorial!
    Photo Credit: Mom Wasn't Built in a Day blog
  • Minnie Mouse 2 of 12
    Minnie Mouse
    When The Hunted Interior threw her daughter a Minnie Mouse birthday party, she went all out!
    Photo Credit: The Hunted Interior blog
  • Taxi service 3 of 12
    Taxi service
    I would have never thought to simply take the top off!
    Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy
  • The Mystery Machine 4 of 12
    The Mystery Machine
    Think the Scooby Gang is ready for some adventure?
    Photo Credit: Hot Mess Hostess blog
  • A Halloween Taxi 5 of 12
    A Halloween Taxi
    You know, in case you slip into a candy coma there's a safe ride home!
    Photo Credit: Halloween Forum
  • Duh-nuh-duh-nuh-BATGIRL 6 of 12
    Seriously, how awesome is this? The whole family loves comics, so mom Alexandria wanted her little girl to have her own comic-themed toy.
    Photo Credit: Little Tikes
  • Lady Bug 7 of 12
    Lady Bug

    Photo Credit: Craftster
  • Let’s go to Hawaii, baby 8 of 12
    Let's go to Hawaii, baby

    Photo Credit: Craftster
  • Batter up! 9 of 12
    Batter up!
  • Made to match his Halloween costume 10 of 12
    Made to match his Halloween costume
    Her toddler was Eddie Munster for Halloween and she figured his car should match. Check out the fringe!
    Photo Credit: Craftster
  • Who you gonna call? 11 of 12
    Who you gonna call?
    Ghostbusters! The flashing light is incredible.
    Photo Credit: Pinterest
  • Not boring anymore! 12 of 12
    Not boring anymore!
    "My little girl couldn't have a boring ole cozy coupe. so we did this!" says Kandipop77.
    Photo Credit: Craftster


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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