Pink Eye 101

Doesn't he look sad?

Three kids, one mom and a bad case of pink eye — that is how the tail end of our week ended, and overtook our weekend.

Thankfully by Sunday we were all feeling much better and able to enjoy the Super Bowl. But after going through the nastiness called pink eye for the second time with toddlers… I wanted to write up some advice for not only dealing with it, but preventing it from spreading like wildfire.

If you have more than one child, or a young child in the house — you may want to pay close attention.  I wish I would have since our nine month old ended up with it.

Be sure to chime in with your own tips as well — share the wealth! I am sure we all could use it right?

  • Lots of Warm Wash Cloths 1 of 6
    Lots of Warm Wash Cloths
    Stock up on wash cloths because the best way to clean up your kiddos eye is with a soft, warm, and CLEAN wash cloth.
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  • Fire up that Washing Machine! 2 of 6
    Fire up that Washing Machine!
    Strip and wash your toddlers bed!
    The discharge from pink eye is what is so highly contagious!
    If you don't was their bedding they will continue to come in contact with the pink eye, and possibly pass it back into their eyes.
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  • Throw Their Pillows in the Dryer! 3 of 6
    Throw Their Pillows in the Dryer!
    Believe it or not, throwing your pillows in the dryer for a bit will help kill the nastiness of pink eye if it has gotten onto the actual pillow itself!
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  • Got Breast Milk? 4 of 6
    Got Breast Milk?
    Got any breast milk laying around?
    You can actually use it to treat pink eye! That is actually what our pediatrician "prescribed" for our youngest child during this bout with it.
  • Lots of Hand Washing! 5 of 6
    Lots of Hand Washing!
    Wash, Wash and WASH some more!
    Wash your hands, wash your kids hands... hell wash strangers hands!
    Just keep washing!

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  • Skip the Sharing! 6 of 6
    Skip the Sharing!
    Normally we encourage our kids to share, but that probably isn't a good idea while they are sick.
    Better they keep their germs to themselves!

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