Playing in the Rain

playing in the rainIn my imagination, I’m the cool kind of laid back mom who just let’s her kids have fun. While I imagine that, the truth is that as a mom, I tend to say no way too often.

No! Don’t play with the pots and pans.

No! The laundry isn’t a play pit for jumping in.

No! The dog is not a horse.

UGH. I know, I need to get over it. Life is short and if my laundry ends up being more of a mess, or the pots and pans get broken or if my dog stops barking and starts neigh’ing—who cares right?

I’m trying to make myself let go as a mom and just roll with it. The rest of my life is just that, and I want my kids to be able to just play without my first reaction being, “No!”

A few weeks ago, we had good rain storm come through. Rain in June in Texas? That’s worth dancing about! Rather than worrying about my 3-year old’s clothes getting wet and him dragging the dirt through out the house as he ran for the puddles, I just embraced it and let him enjoy playing in the rain.

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Sure he got all muddy, but so be it. I need to let go of the no, at least when it comes to the little things in life that kids just want to experience.

Do You Find Yourself Saying NO! To Little Things?


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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