Please Keep Your Sick Toddler At Home

sick toddlerBefore you take offense to the title of this blog post, let me say, I know it isn’t always possible to hole-up in the house for days with a sick child. I know that sometimes, life has to go on, and that kids are by nature, germ factories to some extent.

With that disclaimer behind me, allow me to scream this to the universe on behalf of all mothers who have reached a boiling point on having to cope with the projectile snot, sneezes, and even vomit of other people’s children.

PLEASE keep your sick baby, toddler, or child at home for a day or two. Please.

I know that it is depressing to have to cancel a special event when one of the kids comes down with a cold, I’ve definitely been there, but trust me, when you disregard the fact that your child is ill, and bring your little one to the party with a faucet-like drip, or a cough that sounds like a freight train, it makes every other parent in the room cringe inside and start looking for an exit.

I am not sure which is worse, the parent who pretends to be oblivious to the fact that their child is exceedingly sick, or the parent who starts the conversation by bragging about how terribly sick their child has been all week.

“Little Mikey has been vomiting all night!”

Fantastic. I’m so glad you could bring him into my airspace!

I know that I am a little more sensitive right now because I am pregnant (and would like to avoid being sick when I deliver), but really, I can’t be the only parent who gets a twitch over this.

Does it bother you when parents bring their sick kids out in public, or, is it really unavoidable? Would you ever say anything to another parent?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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