Pokey Little Vivi

These are my favorite boobs!

It’s become a bit of a routine these days, I step out of the shower and Vivi is there waiting for me. Her eyes go straight for my bellybutton and as soon as she has eyes on it her chubby little finger is in the air begging me to come closer so she can poke it. As I bend at the waist so she can really reach my bellybutton, other things swing into action. I’m a 34F. There’s no denying I have boobs. Instantly her attention turns from my bellybutton to the little pink buttons at the end of them.

Whatever, I let her poke at them until she loses interest and starts looking for her own.

I’ve never had a problem being naked in front of my kids, we’re all girls after all. I’d rather them see what a fairly average mom body looks like (as well as me being happy and comfortable in my fairly average mom body) than all the images of bodies the media bombards them with. My husband on the other hand, well. He’s never been naked in front of either of them, ever, and there’s a very good reason why.

Dangle something in front of a kid and they’re going to ask questions, or investigate themselves.

My best friend’s husband had just gotten out of the shower when their 2-year-old son ran up, grabbed onto his dad’s parts, yanked like he was ringing a church bell then ran away laughing hysterically, screaming “I GOT YOUR PEEN!”

Cody and I are pretty modest when it comes to nudity and bathroom usage (We’ve never EVER gone to the bathroom with the door open. EVER. And we never will, amen.) so the thought of our daughter running up and taking an unsuspecting yank? It’s almost too much to handle.

There’s a very fine line between “shame” and plain old “privacy.” Addie knows what boys have going on below the belt, there’s even been some mornings she’s come into our bedroom unbeknownst to us and her dad is sleeping in his underpants with no sheets. SURPRISE. Cody wrote about his own feelings of nudity around the girls and I would just like to sum it up like this:

Vivi won’t be hanging out with a nude Cody simply because she is way too handsy and pokey. Those peens, they can’t take a whole lot of toddler tug without permanent damage or tears.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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