Pool Safety on Vacation

Puddle jumping!
Puddle jumping!

We’re in Hilton Head Island with family this week, and I’m posting from an oceanfront kitchen table with a giant cup of coffee. Life is good! Obviously being here is wonderful, but the actual act of getting here required quite a bit of planning. Anyone with a toddler (or child of any age, probably) knows that packing for the little ones can feel like a monumental task. Forget something as simple as the right lovey blanket or a favorite book, and your travel experience can quickly go south.

So before we headed here, I did my best to make sure we had all our bases covered. It’s always a bit trickier for us since we are mostly limited to air travel (being way out west in Seattle, with all our family out east), so I have to find things that are functional, packable, and lightweight. On this particular trip, I knew we’d be enjoying both the pool and the beach, so I had to think in advance about both.

Cullen and I just finished up toddler swim lessons in Seattle, and while he’s by no means ready to swim on his own any time soon, he has gotten much more comfortable in and around water (which was the real goal!). But in order to give me a bit of peace of mind around the pool’s edge and deeper water, I wanted him to have some sort of flotation device available for extra support. I ended up getting him a Puddle Jumper on Amazon (available for $21), and so far it’s been a huge hit.

First and foremost, he’s willing to wear it, which we all know is the biggest hurdle with these types of accessories. Second, it works! At his current size and swimming ability, it’s definitely not something he can necessarily float and kick around in alone, but it has plenty of flotation to help keep him above water as he’s passed around to different family members, and he seems really comfortable wearing it. I really like knowing that when he’s teeting around the edge of the pool, he has a bit of added protection if something were to happen. Of course, the biggest safety measure is just not taking our eyes off of him, but having an extra flotation piece is a nice bit of added security.

Here’s to another day of swimming and splashing!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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