Pot Cookies and Beer: Just Typical Toddler Fare

Earlier this week, a three-year-old boy received emergency medical attention the morning after finding his grandmother’s stash of marijuana-laced cookies.

The boy’s father, who had been out the night before, rushed his son to the hospital after discovering crumbs on the floor and having trouble waking the boy in the morning.

Thankfully, he is now fine and has been released.

Apparently, the boy’s grandmother, who has been diagnosed with cancer, has a prescription for medical marijuana to help her sleep. She kept her cookies stashed in a refrigerator in the garage and obviously had no intention of her grandson getting his hands on them.

However, I noticed one glaring issue with Grandma’s story.

Quoting from MSNBC: “The grandmother claims she’s not going to make them ever again.”

Do you see the problem with that statement?

Grandma did not BUY the cookies from one of those medical marijuana distributors— she BAKED them herself. Most likely, right in the family’s kitchen.

Now, I am not going to pretend to know if baking marijuana in an oven can lead to a serious secondhand high. What I do know, is that these cookies were not just any pot cookies. They were CHOCOLATE CHIP pot cookies.

What person, let alone toddler, can resist the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies???

Can you imagine baking homemade chocolate chip cookies in your kitchen and then attempting to hide them in your garage from your family? Sorry, Grandma— your secret is already out! No wonder the poor boy went looking.

Next time, bake your pot into an oatmeal cookie or a gingersnap. Something that won’t waft all the way through the house, taunting young children with it’s delicious scent.

It has not yet been determined whether charges will be pressed against the family or what those charges would be.

Underestimating the sleuthing powers of a toddler with a sweet tooth, perhaps?

In other news, a mother from Arizona filled her two-year-old’s sippy cup with beer.

Why? Because he kept reaching for her pitcher, of course!

She was promptly arrested, thank goodness.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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