Do You Give "Potty Presents"? Our Favorite Ideas for $5 or Less

This time last year I smugly predicted that my daughter would be fully potty trained by the time she was two.

I was so young and stupid then.

Here she is, on the verge of her third birthday, still in pull ups and nowhere near being 100% potty trained. When she expressed interest around 18 months old and seemed to really understand the concept, I was sure she’d be be quicker to get out of diapers than her older brothers.

While that may turn out to be true, potty training her hasn’t been as easy as I’d thought.

Yesterday she sat on the toilet, little legs dangling high above the floor. I had the idea of offering her a “Potty Present”  if she’d just leave a little present of her own. It wasn’t a silver bullet solution for her, but she definitely made more of an effort.

It’s no secret that toddlers respond well to positive reinforcement, and small presents may be just the thing to motivate a child with potty training or any other skill they’re working on.

Here are some ideas for inexpensive “Potty Presents.” You might consider using them as motivation to use the potty, or for a day or night with no accidents.

Have you used this strategy in the past? If so, how did it work for you?

  • Rainbow Crayon 1 of 10
    Rainbow Crayon
    My toddler loves to color, and this rainbow crayon would be easy for her to grasp in her small hand.
    Photo Credit: CrayonMavens/Etsy
  • I Mustache You A Question 2 of 10
    I Mustache You A Question
    These colorful temporary mustache tattoos would be so much fun for dress-up and make-believe play.
    Photo Credit: LiveLaughLoveLots/Etsy
  • Felt Fun 3 of 10
    Felt Fun
    From playing kitchen to pretend grocery store, this set of felt play food would make a great potty training reward.
    Photo Credit: NewFoundApplique/Etsy
  • I Spy Potty Success 4 of 10
    I Spy Potty Success
    These are great for quiet play! This I Spy bag comes with a word list so that you and your toddler will know when you've found each of the shapes hiding inside.
    Photo Credit: CarolsCraftCottage/Etsy
  • Throw a Potty Party 5 of 10
    Throw a Potty Party
    Throw a potty party with this mini pinata!
    Photo Credit: PartiesPartyFavors/Etsy
  • Crayon Keeper 6 of 10
    Crayon Keeper
    Your little one can keep his crayons safe in this adorable handmade crayon keeper. A perfect potty motivator for kiddos who love coloring as much as mine does.
    Photo Credit: JustBecauseBowtique/Etsy
  • Sweet Treat 7 of 10
    Sweet Treat
    This ice cream stamp would make a sweet reward for a successful trip to the potty.
    Photo Credit: PoshBinky/Etsy
  • Who Doesn’t Love a Sticker? 8 of 10
    Who Doesn't Love a Sticker?
    We love these vintage-inspired stickers, made from children's books.
    Photo Credit: Moncy3/Etsy
  • Princess of the Potty 9 of 10
    Princess of the Potty
    My little girl is into all things princess and she'd love playing with these Disney-inspired wands.
    Photo Credit: tim7abebra/Etsy
  • Monster Finger Puppet 10 of 10
    Monster Finger Puppet
    These are adorable and might just scare the pee out of your toddler. Literally.
    Photo Credit: chasingmystar/Etsy

Top Photo Credit: Manish Bansal/Flickr

Mary Lauren Weimer is a social worker turned mother turned writer. Her blog, My 3 Little Birds, encourages moms to put down the baby books for a moment and tell their own stories. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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