Potty Train or Bust

Potty training has been a sore subject in our house. A really, really, really sore subject.

I started a little before Ben turned three, and he was doing well. Once we were down to only the occasional accident, he regressed. I felt like I did something wrong, but I was repeatedly ensured that everything we did was pretty typical.

Here we are a couple months later under pressure to fully potty train. Like, I mean, he needs to be basically fully potty trained by Friday. FRIDAY.OF.THIS.WEEK!

I am sure it is damn near impossible, but I am on a damn mission now!

See, when Ben started to regress… I took everyone’s advice and left it alone. I didn’t push the potty, I just left it alone. Some days he would decide to use it on his own (which he was praised for) and some days, he would go through more diapers than his “baby” sister.

But I left it alone. I didn’t pressure him. I left him to do it on his own time. And well, he didn’t do it. We still use pull ups. Until today.

Today was Ben’s first day of Pre-K 3. Last year he was in the “2-year old room” and diapers weren’t an issue by any means. This year, I apparently didn’t get the memo that our 3-year-old was expected to be fully potty trained, or at least only having the occasional accident.

I am sure that I am partly to blame for not looking over more of his pre-school paperwork, but between the contracts and all the guidebooks and registration forms I have been going over since our oldest started public school… they simply slipped between the cracks.

You are allowed to lose a couple pages of the guidebook with 300 other pieces of official paperwork!

Today at Ben’s pick-up, we were informed we have a couple days to potty train him or we were going to have to look for other arrangements. Cue panic!

I talked with our pre-school director, who is also the owner of the pre-school and bought us a week. But the biggest condition was having an noticeable difference by this Friday. As in, Thursday and then comes Friday. Essentially using today as potty training boot camp.

Thankfully last night went well, and we were able to use underwear all afternoon. And successfully used a pull-up over night.

If anyone out there has tips for a stubborn boy potty training virtually overnight, I could REALLY use it now!

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