Potty Training Almost Complete

potty training completeIt’s been a rough month of potty training with our 3-year old son Izaiah. Our floors have been peed and pooped all over (so thankful for having mostly hard floors!)  and I’ve played countless games of “Human poop or dog poop?” I’ve played.  He has become a nudist. I’ve given up at least 5 times – thankfully I have a husband who picks up where I leave off.

Potty training with this kid has been nothing but a pain in the rear. He’s a strong-headed boy with opinions of his own, but he now actually gets the whole potty thing.  (P.S. I have no idea where he gets the strong-headed opinionated personality.)

We started our potty training adventures with letting Izaiah run around naked and introducing a little toilet in the living room. He used the toilet like a toy car and sat/scooted thru out the house and the nudist thing, well he just now loves being naked.

Next we did the whole, look at mommy pee – now your turn Izaiah thing. While I think this helped scar him for life from having to see his mom pee – I do think it helped drill in the introduction of what he was suppose to do.

Our final go to answer would have to be the Potty Party. Huggies sent over a full kit for potty partying with a big kid hat, stickers, charts and pull-ups. As a reward in addition to the stickers, we gave him a gummy snack. Dentist and judgmental mom ignore: We’ve gone thru over 100 packets of gummies. Yes, his teeth maybe cavity ridden but the boy can pee on the potty.

We still have him in Pull-ups at bedtime and anytime we go out for long periods of time, but the boy has it down.

Potty training is another milestone that I never experienced with my other kids that were in childcare at this age. While I love my kid and am so glad he is doing well – this is definitely a milestone I wouldn’t of minded missing.

What Helped Your Child the Most While Potty Training?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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