Top 5 Potty Training Books for Children

It’s happening. This potty-training business? We’re so on. We made an attempt with it at the beginning of the summer and the toddler boy wasn’t having any of it. When the mister gets home on Monday (he’s away doing that musician thang), we’re going to rubber sheet the place and get down to it.

We’re of the potty-training-school-of-thought that force is never a good thing. Consistency yes, force no. Also, I have no shame in using treats for bribery … maybe a sticker board or some sort of other reward system. I’m sure Pinterest will be a great aid in getting ideas on this.

I think parental instinct goes a long way when it comes to potty-training, as does a deep respect for your child and understanding of this unique and challenging time in their lives.

However, I’ll be soaking up every tidbit of advice I can find on the Internet (the sage bits), and then promptly inundating conversing my partner with/in it all.

I’ve read that stocking up your toddler’s library with some potty-themed books has proven to be most beneficial. Then I discovered a lot of boring potty training books for kids. After some digging about on the Internet and a few purchases later, I can safely say that these books will have your toddler looking forward to potty-training, keeping them entertained and where they need to be.

On. The. Potty.

  • The New Potty (Little Critter): by Gina & Mercer Mayer $3.99 1 of 5
    I'm partial to Little Critter books because they were a favourite of mine as a child. I began our boy's collection of them a while back so he is familiar with the critters and quite enjoys anything to do with little monsters. He especially loves that the family has a big brother (like him), and a little sister (like his sis), that many of the stories revolve around. He super digs that the big brother helps potty train his little sister. Like I'm not working/milking that for all it's worth.

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  • Once Upon a Potty – Boy: by Alona Frankel $7.95 2 of 5
    I picked up this timeless classic in my son's first year. I loved the bright colours and charming story (as charming as a story can be about pee and poop), and had a feeling Wyndham would too, once the time came. I was right. There's also a DVD and a Once Upon a Potty - Girl book. Clearly it's done well for good reason.

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  • Going To The Potty: by Fred Rogers $5.99 3 of 5
    We all know Mister Rogers is the bomb diggs right? Good. HIs respect for young children is evident throughout this life-like, straightforward book. We didn't have to sell our son on it, ever since this video went viral a while back, he's been a huge and adoring fan.

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  • You Can Go to the Potty: by William & Martha Sears, Christie Watts Kelly $9.97 4 of 5
    Fellow fans of the Sears' style of parenting will love this book. I don't prescribe to everything that Dr. Sears says, but for the most part? The dude knows his stuff. I love the illustrations and chose it because I am a fan of Dr. Sear's natural, non-forceful ideas on parenting.

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  • Everyone Poops: by Taro Gomi $8.15 5 of 5
    Based on the illustrations alone, this book rocks. I also love the title, straight up and simple. Things get really good once you actually open it up. Blending biology with nature, our son marvelled at the different sizes of animal poop especially. He may not find the humour in this book quite yet, but we certainly do.

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What are your/your child’s favourite potty-training books?

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