Potty Training Progress!

Swim diaper and training pant?
Swim diaper and training pant?

I’ve written here before about how we’re starting to think about potty training more and more. Heck, I’m even putting cloth diapers on stuffed animals to get into the spirit and try to make it fun. But up until now Cullen hasn’t shown any real interest other than talking a lot about diapers and using his new big boy potty as a toy.

I’ve tried to add the words “pee” and “poop” into his vocabulary in order to have these be body processes he understands and can distinguish between. And while he has retained them and says them often, they haven’t seemed to really hold much meaning for him yet. For example, if I ask him if he’s done a poop he says no every time (I am guessing because he knows a “yes” would result in a diaper change—his least favorite activity).

This week we’re on vacation, and so we’re out of our regular routine and schedule. We’re also out of our regular (cloth) diapers. During play time he’s in a disposable diaper, and during beach and pool time, he’s rocking swim diapers.  Yesterday we were getting ready to go to the pool and he suddenly shouted, “Mommy, PEE!” which surprised me. I looked over to see that he was, in fact, peeing straight through his swim diaper (only meant to hold poop – not liquids) and bathing suit. I praised him for peeing and letting me know, and sort of shook my head in shock that he had more awareness than I thought. This happened two more times over the course of the day, both times resulting in a wet bathing suit and a very proud set of parents.

Of course this is still a big leap away from letting me know he needs to go before the act of going, as well as being able to hold and control that urge, but it’s still a step in the right direction. I feel really encouraged. I’m wondering if a weekend spent wearing underwear instead of diapers wouldn’t yield the same (slightly messy) result. This might be something we think about doing in the next month or two. I’m excited that he’s starting to understand and make connections to his body!

Here’s hoping we continue to move in the right direction, and I have him out of diapers not too long before or after my next one is ready to put them on!

Photo:  Applecheeks Swim Diaper 

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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