Potty Training Tip: Deep Cleaning Toilets

cleaningtipsPotty training a boy can be a little harder than a girl…well, so “the experts” say. (Who are the experts? Anyone with an opinion and a mouth, of course!)  But I’m a firm believer that potty training all depends on the temperament of the child and the patience of the parents.

But I think the hardest part of potty training a boy is the mess they make. If they sit down, they have to learn to point down. And that’s a learning curve. If they’re standing up, they have to learn to aim. And if something distracts them, they spray.


Just ask my walls, floor, and basket of magazines.

And then you’re wondering why you can never get the pee smell out of your bathroom. The problem is that the pee is in all the nooks and crannies you can’t reach on an average cleaning day. Which means you need to be deep cleaning toilets on a regular basis.

My first tip is to clean the walls. Every few days I take a Clorox wipe and run it over the walls and immediate floor. On real cleaning days, I take a sponge and Clorox solution and wipe down the walls, baseboards, and then I mop the floor. Be sure when you’re cleaning the floor to get down behind the toilet, because somehow the pee will get there on the base of the toilet. I don’t know how, but it does. It’s like magic pee.  Then lift the flaps over the screws holding the seat to the toilet and clean there – unfortunately, if you have an older toilet or seat, this isn’t an option.

Which leads me to tip #2…

The second tip takes a bit more effort, so we only do it once every few months – take the toilet seat off.  You’ll need a screwdriver for this one and a rag with cleaning solution. Here’s a great video showing how to do this:

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Happy cleaning and happy pee-free bathroom walls!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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