Preparing For a Fire Truck Birthday Party

May... here we come!

May brings a ton of birthdays in our family, but the one most important to me is our son Benjamin. He will be turning 3 in May. Where did the past three years go?

I feel like it was yesterday he was born and now he is so… big!

When it came to deciding on a birthday party theme this year there was no question in my mind. Many people in this house are obsessed with fire trucks, especially him. Thanks, of course, to my husband, the fireman.

If we head out to dinner for the night, Ben wants to go to the fire house and play on the fire trucks before we go home.

He can name every fire truck they have in the department.

He knows the sound of the sirens and makes them as he pretends to drive the trucks. It is actually pretty priceless, and even the other firemen in town who don’t know our children have commented on their impressive knowledge of the downtown fire trucks.

I asked him a couple weeks ago what kind of a birthday he wanted, and while I suggested some of our favorite Disney movies, he said “FIRE TRUCKS!” so it was really a done deal from the start.

He wants… I will deliver.

There are so many awesome and adorable fire truck-themed birthday party products, shirts, and paper goods, especially on Etsy. These are some of the favorites I found in my search. I hope that anyone else who is planning a fire truck birthday party for their kids enjoys this!

  • Invitations by Little Celebrations 1 of 6
    Invitations by Little Celebrations
    Still sending out paper invitations for birthday parties and events? You have to check out this Etsy shop for all different kinds of great paper invites. I love these Fire Truck custom invites!
    Check Out Little Celebrations on Etsy!
  • Birthday Boy Shirt by Revolution46R46 2 of 6
    Birthday Boy Shirt by Revolution46R46
    I love this birthday boy shirt! I have always looked for custom shirts or even just birthday shirts but many stores don't really carry something as specific as this. Etsy is perfect for it!
    Check Out Revolution46R46 on Etsy!
  • Happy Birthday Banner by Kelly’s Cottage Shoppe 3 of 6
    Happy Birthday Banner by Kelly's Cottage Shoppe
    This is one of the more adorable banners I have seen. This shop has all different kinds of party themes as well, if you want to go beyond fire trucks. I think Ben will be tickled pink by this banner!
    Check Out Kelly's Cottage Shoppe on Etsy!
  • Party Hats by Cupcake Wishes Store 4 of 6
    Party Hats by Cupcake Wishes Store
    These hats are part of an entire set which also includes invitations, welcome signs, and basically everything you need for the party. But the hats are what I love the most out of the set!
    Check Out Cupcake Wishes Store on Etsy!
  • Printable Cupcake Toppers by Poppy Hill Creations 5 of 6
    Printable Cupcake Toppers by Poppy Hill Creations
    These are great because they are printable, so you can do it yourself. I love the designs; they are different than many of the traditional fire truck themes I have found. They're way more fun!
    Check Out Poppy Hill Creations on Etsy!
  • Custom Coloring Page by Frosting and Ink 6 of 6
    Custom Coloring Page by Frosting and Ink
    I love this because it gives all the kids an activity to do at once. No crazy pin the tail on something, but just a themed coloring activity!
    Check Out Frosting and Ink on Etsy!

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