Preschool Development: How My Son Has Grown This Summer

planesThis summer has been full of preschool development for my son. He’s gone from three and a half to almost four, which seems to add years to his life resume. I don’t know about you, but three still seems like a baby/toddler and four seems … well, he’s a kid.


This summer, he saw his first movie in the theater. It was an amazing experience and one that I’m so glad we saved until he was old enough to sit through the entire thing and really grasp the magic of the event. It was a fantastic lesson to me as a mother to stop rushing milestones — sometimes the greatest moments come from waiting.

Aside from the lessons on parenting a preschooler, I’ve noticed a huge change in his independence. At the beginning of the summer, he clung to us in the pool and begged for us to hold his hands while he tentatively stepped off the side of the pool. Now it is the end of August and he hurtles himself into the pool, not caring that he goes all the way under and not noticing that we are still setting down towels and pool bags.

He’s even more mature at school — he’s started working on handwriting and the computer, and tonight he’s telling me how he sweats at school. I asked him if he knew what sweat was and he said: “Oh, yes. It comes off people and your hair and you wipe it off and it’s sticky. And then you need to get a big paintbrush to clean it off.”  It’s just amazing to me that this little boy who struggled to speak at first now has such a firm grasp of the language and such big ideas of how the world works.

He’s just simply amazing and I cannot wait to see what four holds for him.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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