Fall Family Tradition: Pumpkin Patch Photos

pumpkin patchI love a good family tradition. Something that our family had done every year since our 9 year old was a baby, is hitting up the same pumpkin patch. It’s a cheap family fall outing and something we’ve actually managed to do each year that we’ve had kids. Along with going to the pumpkin patch….

Each year, we buy the kids new outfits.

Every year, we try to disguise this as just good family fun, when actually this is a secret way for me to sneak in a photo shoot while the kids get to play.

Every year the older kids get smarter and smarter realize that mommy has a schedule.

This year the plan to get photos worked, well sort of…  but hey! we had FUN!

  • Wagons Wagons Everywhere 1 of 16
    Wagons Wagons Everywhere
    The free wagons with trailers were absolutely adorable for photos, handy for carrying pumpkin and kids. Smart move pumpkin patch.
  • First Pumpkin Patch 2 of 16
    First Pumpkin Patch
    Well, this really is his second trip in this bucket. Sadly, we don't have babies anymore. Each of our babies has sat in this pot and posed. Zeke, don't worry we will put you in it again next year.
  • Family Photo 3 of 16
    Family Photo
    With 4 kids, I am not sure we will ever have a photo anytime soon with each kid looking at the camera. This year we went for various color shirts with denim. I guess if you black and white it, there is no worries on color coordination. Whoops.
  • Playing in the Pumpkins 4 of 16
    Playing in the Pumpkins
    He wouldn't stop eating the hay.
  • Giddy Up 5 of 16
    Giddy Up
    Our poor Z is run over by the toddlers.
  • Tractor Ride 6 of 16
    Tractor Ride
    Izaiah was totally unsure of the tractor ride!
  • Yo Gabba Gabba 7 of 16
    Yo Gabba Gabba
    The way to my toddler's heart.
  • All 4 Kids 8 of 16
    All 4 Kids
    This is the typical family shot that I get when trying to take photos of 4 kids.
  • Playing in the Pumpkins 9 of 16
    Playing in the Pumpkins
    He's such a happy kid.
  • In the Trees 10 of 16
    In the Trees
    Still missing teeth - poor buddy!
  • CHEESE! 11 of 16
    Finally a genuine smile.
  • Zeke 12 of 16
    I love this kid.
  • Slides 13 of 16
    What toddler doesn't love huge, jumbo, inflatable slides??
  • Running 14 of 16
    Our 14 month old is up and now running!
  • Importing in Pumpkins 15 of 16
    Importing in Pumpkins
    Here in our part of Texas, we import our pumpkins, place them in a field and call it a pumpkin patch.
  • Zeke Versus the Pumpkin 16 of 16
    Zeke Versus the Pumpkin
    Zeke kept trying to lift and push this thing. The pumpkin won.

Unfortunately, in the rush to the pumpkin patch – I forgot my bag of tricks. I usually bring candy to bribe them for photos. This year, it was VERY apparent that photos with 2 toddlers and 2 grown kids, is not as easy as photos with 1 toddler, 1 baby and 2 grown kids! But alas, we had fun! I got a few good photos in that will sit on my computer until Christmas gift time and we can check this off our family bucket list for 2012.

What Family Fall Traditions Does Your Family Do?

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