A Puppy to Love

getting a new puppyIt’s been nearly 3 months since our dog Bobo died. Our pug Animal is lonely. I am emotionally ready for another dog and now that we are somewhat settled into the house, we knew it was time.

We puppy-sat this Christmas and the kids were all in love with the puppy. So much so, they cried their eyes out when he left. We have spent the last 2 weeks debating on what type of dog to get, what age and what size.  At the end of the day, we wanted a puppy. Someone that can grow with the kids and that we can help easily adapt to all 6 of us. We hit up all the local shelters, but only came across a Pit Bull puppy, which wasn’t really something we wanted to get. After doing some research and making some calls, we found a Labradoodle.  And OMG we are so in love. I mean, how could you not love this face?

Introducing our toddlers to our new puppy was fun to watch. The puppy, so playful – yet shy and our toddlers, not shy, very curious and yet a little scared.

After a few hours, you could already see our oldest toddler Izaiah bonding with the dog. Here’s some of their cute interactions.

  • Meet Our Dog 1 of 9
    Meet Our Dog
    Mister Thornberg. Sometime ago, my husband and I were watching SOME movie, but there was a line similar to... Mr? That's my dog's name. Stupid, silly and we can't remember the name of the movie - but this is our Mister.
  • The iPad 2 of 9
    The iPad
    You know just watching YouTube videos on the iPad with the dog.
  • Fire Dog 3 of 9
    Fire Dog
    While we've only had the dog for a wee bit, he has spent the majority of his awake time being pushed in circles riding in the fire engine.
  • Watching TV 4 of 9
    Watching TV
    Apparently, the whole no dog on the couch thing isn't going to happen. Pup apparently enjoys toddler tv.
  • Love 5 of 9
    My kid gives love like a cone head.
  • Sharing Secrets 6 of 9
    Sharing Secrets
    I've caught him whispering to the pup. I'm pretty sure it involves how they can rescue the candy leftover from Christmas.
  • No Sleep for Pup 7 of 9
    No Sleep for Pup
    The toddler doesn't get that the puppy has to sleep in a cage.
  • Investigating Dog Ear 8 of 9
    Investigating Dog Ear
    EAR EAR EAR, poor dog.
  • Tired Pup 9 of 9
    Tired Pup
    All the running around makes a pup tired.

A puppy to love is what we wanted. A puppy to love is what we got. Oh my heart, this sweet furry creature of mine has melted it.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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