Put Them to Work! 10 Chores Toddlers Can Do

As moms of toddlers I’m sure we all wish that there were more hours in the day. There is just not enough time to do all of the fun things we want to do with our kiddos, all of the things we want to do for ourselves, and also keep our family well fed and our house clean.

We all know that toddlers can be huge mess makers. We call our son, “Brother the Destructor”, because it literally seems like he leaves destruction in his wake. And, of course, they are way better at making messes then they are at cleaning them up.

But, kind of by accident, I have discovered over the past month or so, that my kids can help me with more chores around the house then I realized. So, I’ve decided to put those little whippersnappers to work! Here are 10 chores that even toddlers can help with around the house.

  • Simple Folding or Sorting Laundry 1 of 10
    Simple Folding or Sorting Laundry
    My daughter has been helping fold our cloths that we use in the kitchen in place of paper towels since she was two, and both of my kiddos like to help sort the laundry by color.
  • Washing Dishes 2 of 10
    Washing Dishes
    Doing dishes is one thing that I despise, but discovered I could get my kids to do it for me by accident. They wanted to play with bubble water in the sink, and then started washing the dishes. Before I knew it, the pile was gone! You will obviously have to monitor to make sure that the really dirty stuff is thoroughly washed, or just wash that stuff yourself first, and leave the less dirty stuff for the kids.
  • Cleaning the Floor 3 of 10
    Cleaning the Floor
    This one was also kind of a accident for me. My daughter had been watching Cinderella and wanted a bucket with soapy water to wash the floor like in the movie. They both got into spreading the soapy water all around the floor and I just had to come by with a towel to dry up afterward! Now when my daughter is bored and the floor needs to be cleaned, I just ask her if she wants to clean the floor and she thinks it's fun!
  • Wiping the Baseboards 4 of 10
    Wiping the Baseboards
    While they're cleaning the floor, you could also teach your child to wipe down the baseboards, which is one of those chores that rarely gets done at my house!
  • Wiping Off Tables and Chairs 5 of 10
    Wiping Off Tables and Chairs
    After meals, kids can spray and wipe down the tables and chairs. You may have to come after them to get anything that they missed, but my kids usually do a pretty good job.
  • Washing Windows and Mirrors 6 of 10
    Washing Windows and Mirrors
    After you spray on the cleaner, kids can help you wipe down windows or mirrors that are at their height.
  • Clearing the Table 7 of 10
    Clearing the Table
    Kids can clear not just their own plates, but also other items from the table that need to be brought back to the kitchen after a meal. My kids love to put condiments back into the fridge by themselves.
  • Empty the Dishwaser/Dry Dishes 8 of 10
    Empty the Dishwaser/Dry Dishes
    My kids like to help me empty the dishwasher when I give them a towel to dry off their plastic dishes that are usually still wet. We keep their dishes in lower drawers, so they can easily put them away.
  • Vacuuming 9 of 10
    They may not get every dust bunny, or into all the corners, but kids love to push a vacuum around and it can definitely help to clean up the main area of a room.
  • Picking Up Toys 10 of 10
    Picking Up Toys
    This one is kind of obvious, but easier said then done. While most kids might actually enjoy doing many of the other chores, for some reason they balk at picking up after themselves. But, it's a good habit to start early, so sing the clean up song and encourage them to pick up their own toys!

Of course, which chores a child can do will be based on their age and ability, but don’t underestimate how much your toddler can actually help with. And always remember to use non-toxic cleaning products with children. I’ll bet that your little one will enjoy doing some of these chores so much, they will ask you if they can do them! Take advantage of it now, I’m not sure that’s a stage that will last very long!

What chores does your toddler help you with around the house?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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