Quiz: When Will Your Child Be Potty Trained?

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Image source: ThinkStock

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Will your toddler be going potty on her own by next Wednesday, or heading to high school in diapers? Take our quiz to find out!

1. When your two-year-old says “No potty!,” what is your response?

a. Say, “Okay sweetie.”
b. Read her a potty book and bring out the M&M’s.
c. Show her how to potty by using the potty yourself. Yes, the pink princess potty.

2. Your three-year-old has three accidents in three hours. What do you do?

a. Mull over the cosmic significance of all the threes and chuckle.
b. Say, “That’s okay, we’ll use Pull-Ups® the rest of the day but get back on the horse tomorrow!”
c. Grab the spray cleaner like it ain’t no thang and burn the remaining diapers so you don’t get tempted.

3. Your mother claims she potty trained you by 19 months. Your response:

a. “And you also bake more than I did!”
b. “Well, we’ll get there soon!”
c. “Show me the proof, or it didn’t happen.”

4. Your child will only use the potty at a friend’s house. What do you do?

a. Say, “Kids are so whimsical!”
b. Mutter, “I just CAN’T UNDERSTAND what the problem is…”
c. Refuse to leave the friend’s house. Sleep there. Your kid is on a roll.

5. Your husband says, “Why don’t you just wait another few months?” Your response:

a. “Good idea, hon.”
b. “Maybe if it doesn’t work by next week.”
c. “Get out of my house.”

6. When your two-year-old only uses the potty at your mother-in-law’s house, your response is:

a. “Kids are so random.”
b. “God, I can’t believe I’m actually going to suck it up and ask her for advice.”
c. “Anne, would you consider living in our in-law suite?  Fine, our third bedroom, if you want to be literal.”

7. Your child will only poop for chocolate cupcakes. Your response:

a. “All this bribery doesn’t sit well with me.”
b. “How about chocolate chips instead?”
c. “What brand?” (Even in this hypothetical scenario, there is nobody baking from scratch while potty training.)

8. Your best friend’s child was potty trained six months before yours. You are …

a. Happy for her.
b. Happy for her, but also jealous.
c. Best friend?  Not anymore.

9. How much attention does your other child get while you’re potty training her sibling? 

a. All the attention she got before.
b. Half the attention she got before.
c. You call her at your mom’s house at least once every few days.

10. You’ve been known to whisper the following under the breath: 

a. “These days will go so fast.”
b. “One more week and back to diapers.”
c. “I did not get elected president of my class just to fail at potty training 15 years later!”

Check Your Results!

Mostly A’s: You’re a laid back mama, so you take things as they come, or go, or don’t go in the potty. Your child will be potty trained by college.

Mostly B’s: You’re a motivated mommy, meaning you figure out a plan and stick to it. Your child will be potty trained by college.

Mostly C’s: You Take No Prisoners. You have a deadline looming, like dance class or preschool that doesn’t accept kids with diapers. Go for it, SuperMom! Your child will be potty trained by college.

Starting your potty training journey? Visit the Pull-Ups® Big Kid Academy for tools, activities, and resources to make potty training fun for you and your toddler!

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