Rain, Rain Come to Play

I was once lectured in a comment on my blog about all the diseases and filth that runoff rainwater carries.

Our neighborhood had flooded and I let a little two-year-old Addie play and splash around in the giant puddles, something I never did as a kid, what with growing up in the desert and all.

As a kid I dreamed of giant puddles, of owning a real raincoat with a matching umbrella and honest to goodness rainboots. There was no need of such things in Utah. Good snowboots and a warm coat? Sure. Rain gear? Pointless.

Yesterday it rained in Indiana, while it wasn’t any torrential downpour like we’re accustomed to, it was enough to play in. After this summer’s drought we’re grateful for any rain we get, whenever we get it. Addie begged to go out and play in it and asked if Vivi could come along.

“Of course.”

Then out of nowhere the lecture I received more than 5 years ago popped to the forefront of my mind.

As Addie and Vivi splashed in the puddles, big and little, I remembered the lecture. “The chemicals that are washed into those puddles! Insecticides and fertilizer and ANIMAL FECES!”


I could either stand in my doorway and worry about what my girls may or may not be splashing in, or I could just let them be little kids playing in the rain for one afternoon.

To a kid, the rain falling from the sky is magical. It produces rainbows, flowers and best of all, puddles. There’s no need to keep them inside with threats of diseases from rainwater. While I did draw the line at drinking it (VIVI) they were allowed to do whatever they wanted in our driveway.

Vivi was happy.

Addie was happy.

The two of them together were perfection in sisterhood.

There will be plenty of gloomy winter days ahead to worry about things I can’t control, yesterday was not that day.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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