Readers Share Their Biggest Parenting Fears

I’ve got a lot of parenting fears, and sure, some are irrational.

But for every irrational fear, there are at least dozen really serious ones.

I put a call out for your biggest parenting fears and just as I suspected, y’all are busy tossing and turning about some pretty heavy stuff.

Readers share their biggest parenting fears – can you relate?

  • Not getting enough sleep 1 of 27
    Not getting enough sleep
    "My biggest fear right now is that my 2 poorly children won't sleep through the night. We all need sleep."
    @SAHDandproud via Twitter SAHDANDPROUD
  • Wronging my kids 2 of 27
    Wronging my kids
    "Getting it wrong."
    @DrEBurton via Twitter Stepping Stones Together
  • Stairs 3 of 27
    "a weird one is that I will fall down the stairs (I'm super clumsy) and black out or somthing and I have to rely on the kids to call 911 or somthing... but a REAL one is that I'm not doing a good job homeschooling. is what I'm teaching really sinking in?"
    via Jonita
  • Being a mere mortal 4 of 27
    Being a mere mortal
    "Biggest fear: The day my son learns I'm actually just human."
    @IbecameMyDad via Twitter I've Become My Parents
  • Great expectations 5 of 27
    Great expectations
    "That I hold my 9yo to higher expectations that what's realistic for his age." @MommyLuvsCoffee via Twitter Mommy Loves Coffee
  • Failing 6 of 27
    "That I'll fail my kids."
    @mysanityblog via Twitter My Sanity
  • Growing up to be like his father 7 of 27
    Growing up to be like his father
    "That no matter what I do; kiddo will end up like his deadbeat dad. :/"
    @HeiddiZ via Twitter The Freshman Writer
  • The future of fatherhood 8 of 27
    The future of fatherhood
    "That my boys will be fathers in a future culture that will marginalize fatherhood as much as it tends to now."
    @LOD via Twitter Laid Off Dad
  • Not doing a good job 9 of 27
    Not doing a good job
    "That I'm not doing a good job as a parent."
    @ellemenopee via Twitter Off My Mama Rocker
  • The opposite sex 10 of 27
    The opposite sex
    @AJ_Campos via Twitter Personalized Children's Books
  • Hurting my daughter 11 of 27
    Hurting my daughter
    "I'd have to say hurting her feet more when putting them in the braces for her clubfeet by making it too tight."
    @EditorLiam via Twitter The Unseen Edits
  • Saying the wrong thing 12 of 27
    Saying the wrong thing
    "That I will say something without realizing that will shape them negatively."
    @JenAnnHall via Twitter Just Jennifer
  • Being hated 13 of 27
    Being hated
    "That they'll end up hating me because I sucked as a mother."
    via Mychal My Life in Mommyland
  • Missing the bus 14 of 27
    Missing the bus
    "...loosing track of time and forgetting to get my daughter from the bus or school."
    @OliveThreeBlog via Twitter Olive Three
  • Living apart 15 of 27
    Living apart
    "That my son will feel like he missed out on something because his dad and I don't live together."
    via Kadie Exiting Lover's Lane
  • Fire 16 of 27
    "What DON'T I fear?? Seriously, my whole being is engulfed with one fear after another for them. My greatest that keeps me up at night is that there will be a fire and I won't be able to get all 5 of them out."
    via Mandy Suburban Stereotype
  • Knowing they’re loved 17 of 27
    Knowing they're loved
    "that with all the craziness that goes on our in lives, that they truly know how much we love and cherish them!"
    via The Harried Mom
  • Death 18 of 27
    "That my son dies accidentally. Don't think I could handle that."
    @Mom2TLE via Twitter LIFEclectic
  • Growing apart 19 of 27
    Growing apart
    "that as she grows up, we will grow apart and she won't feel comfortable coming to me with anything she needs."
    @Babe_Chilla via Twitter Chill Mama Chill
  • I have many… 20 of 27
    I have many...
    "I have many!! I am dreading when my boys start dating!! A huge fear is what will happen to my boys if something happened to me!!"
    via Jennifer JK Says...
  • Getting hurt 21 of 27
    Getting hurt
    "her going to school, her peers, her not liking me, her getting hurt in any way (emotional/phys), dirty diapers"
    @TheHipsterDad via Twitter The Hipster Dad
  • The future 22 of 27
    The future
    "I saw on Dr. Phil once that before the age of 5 we are writing on the slate that is our child's future, THAT is scary in itself"
    @mommastuffblog via Twitter The Momma Stuff Blog
  • Growing up lazy 23 of 27
    Growing up lazy
    "That my children will be lazy because of the age we live in! I am the mean Mommy who only allows video games on Saturday :-)"
    via Mikita Never Home, Stay at Home Mom
  • Not being enough 24 of 27
    Not being enough
    "Simply put, not being the Mother she deserves"
    @mamafulton via Twitter
  • Not teaching enough 25 of 27
    Not teaching enough
    "Fear I'm not teaching enough at home. His daycare is JUST that, no curriculum. But I trust them & it's affordable"
    @NOLAMaloan via Twitter With a Little Love and Luck
  • Not being there 26 of 27
    Not being there
    "Somehow not being there when I'm needed most."
    @TonyAtAVG via Twitter AVG Official Blog
  • Suicide 27 of 27
    "That one of my kids will commit suicide, as my older brother did."
    @KatherineOzment via Twitter Katherine Ozment

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What are your biggest parenting fears?

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