Real Mama Life: When Toddlers Think They Can Do Everything

The other day I was scrolling and scrolling through my digital albums. So many memories. So many perfect, beautiful memories. I gave my head a little jerk. Really? Is this all that I have deemed worthy of capturing to treasure for always and forever? Do all of theses images (there is a lot) portray my real, true, life as it authentically is?

Uhm no. In being honest with myself, I’ve gotten in the habit of avoiding the mess. I treat it as if it were this undesirable thing, I loathe it and get to tidying and cleaning it away every chance I get. Except you can’t clean away toddlers. Oh, you can try – but the snot train is on express and it never seems to stop. Amongst the myriad of other bodily functions that a mom ends up dredged in day to day, or stepping on, or pulling out of her hair…

As of late my darling 21 month old has hit a brand new threshold of toddler-ness. Just because her favourite facial expressions these days happen to revolve around scowling and nose scrunching and shooting daggers – does that mean I stop sharing those picture stories? If I ever find myself thinking about how I can make things look better for the sole purpose of telling a story so that it still looks ‘pretty’, or like I have it all together all the time and isn’t that just oh-so-inspiring? (Because apparently this is the new wave of inspiration) – all of a sudden then, our life would be a stage.

Not cool. With Instagram envy not apparently a thing, I am increasingly aware of and conscientious of the types of images I choose to present the world with, representing our everyday lives.

In a fiercely independent and vocal way Abby wants to do everything by herself. Obviously that’s just not posible. It’s not like it happened over-night, we’ve seen this coming. She’s always been a bit of a diva. (Where on earth does she get that?) She went from adoring the daily ritual of getting dressed to abhorring it, because being naked is a much better state to be. If she does succumb to the idea of putting on some clothes (which she still loves to pick out and tutus shall forever reign supreme), she wants to do it herself come hell or high water. No one can tell het that a dress isn’t pants or that pants won’t go over her head. And shoes. Oy. Girl loves shoes and needs to be clomping all over the house in a pair at all times.

The Dress That Would Be Pants If They Only Could

The Pants That Would Be a Dress if They Only Could

In the interest of keeping it real I’ve begun a new initiative of sorts. A blog link up, or whichever your lovely self wishes to participate – in curating and sharing our own imperfectly beautiful memories. Un-staged, everyday madness and truth.


Where we embrace the glory and humour in the chaos. Un-staged and imperfectly beautiful.’


Mama Told Me There'd Be Days Like These...

If you’d like to learn more about how you can participate, head over to my personal blog for the details. We’ll be linking up every Monday!


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