Regretful Toddler: Learning Life's Lessons the Hard Way

There’s a new Meme in town and it’s causing quite a chuckle.  Last Tuesday, Redit premiered “Regretful Toddler,” with the dismayed tot face-palming his head over the obvious things in life that…well, aren’t so obvious to toddlers.

Within a week, there were almost 1000 new images dedicated to the toddler boy realizing that gullible isn’t really written on the ceiling.

And I think we all remember that first time we grabbed a lady that wasn’t our momma.  How humiliating.

That’s okay, Regretful Toddler.  You’ll get over it and learn from you’re mistakes.

To see all the gut-busting hilarity of a toddler in remorse, scroll through:

  • That’s what she said. 1 of 13
    That's what she said.
  • Are you my mommy? 2 of 13
    Are you my mommy?
    You can't be her because you're wearing something other than yoga pants.
  • Rap will never be the same. 3 of 13
    Rap will never be the same.
    Watch out, Jay-Z.
  • Follow the rules, homeslice. 4 of 13
    Follow the rules, homeslice.
    Or go back to the sandbox.
  • All these choices! 5 of 13
    All these choices!
    Milk or juice? Cartoons or books? Cut a kid a break!
  • Girls are gross. 6 of 13
    Girls are gross.
    Until you turn 14.
  • Let’s hope the house doesn’t burn down. 7 of 13
    Let's hope the house doesn't burn down.
    Or the soufle doesn't burn.
  • No cool points. 8 of 13
    No cool points.
    Just plain ol' New Balance.
  • Wrestle mania. 9 of 13
    Wrestle mania.
    What I don't understand is why they always wait to wrestle until I go to bed. I love a good wrestle match!
  • Fooled you. 10 of 13
    Fooled you.
    Those fruit snacks aren't organic either.
  • Wait. You’re really not my mommy. 11 of 13
    Wait. You're really not my mommy.
    Not only are you not wearing yoga pants, but you don't have a hipster top knot.
  • My plan was thwarted. 12 of 13
    My plan was thwarted.
    Please don't tell me that red isn't strawberry.
  • So much for college. 13 of 13
    So much for college.
    Worst part of it all is that I broke my beloved piggy to get the change out.

all images credit: uproxx


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