Report Cards From Daycare?

I suppose I read the fine lines within the 20 page contract that we signed all that time ago when enrolling our boy for daycare. Or pre-school, more-like. It was in there, that we were informed that we would be getting quarterly, ‘Developmental Skills Checklists’ from his teachers.

It just didn’t phase me then, the way having one handed to me – all 4 pages (back to back), did the other day. I wasn’t sure that report cards were necessary at such a young age until I received this e-mail from the daycare supervisor…

The primary reason for assessing your young child(ren) is to help our educators determine appropriate classroom curriculum and daily activities for individuals and groups of children. They are also used to assess school readiness, evaluate the effectiveness of a project or program, help manage various behaviours in the class and to provide feedback to you.

In addition, they are also extremely important so children with developmental challenges can be identified and receive appropriate interventions as quickly as possible.  Identification within the first 5 years is critical to a child’s development later on in life.

The assessment process includes the following:

–          Takes place over a period of time;

–          Reflects the understanding of groups as well as of individual children;

–          Reflects sensitivity to each child’s special needs, home language, learning style and developmental stage.

The information from the assessment process should do the following:

–          Connect to developmentally appropriate learning goals

–          Add to an understanding of the child’s growth and development;

–          Provide information that can be applied directly to instructional planning; and

–          Be communicated to the child’s family and, to the appropriate extent, to the child.

As hard as it is to see a bunch of ‘Needs Improvement’ and ‘Satisfactory’ boxes checked off for my little boy, it is comforting to know that Wyndham has skilled and loving adults at every turn who are deeply invested in his emotional and academic development.

Does your little one attend daycare and receive a report card? How do you feel about it?


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