Repurposed Kitchen Cabinet as Toddler Storage Bench

Last week, my husband brought up an unused kitchen cabinet from our basement. He had found it in a back room with stuff left over from the previous owners. It was a short, double cabinet — like one that goes over a refrigerator. He was wondering if I had any ideas for using it.

Did he even have to ask?!

With my Pinterest addiction, I always have more ideas floating around in my head then I know what to do with, and as soon as I saw the cabinet, I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for.

Inspired by this Pin, I told hubs that I wanted him to turn it into a storage bench for the kids room. We talked about some ideas for it, and I thought he took it back downstairs.

Well, tonight he surprised me and brought it home from a workshop where he’s been doing some woodworking after he gets done with work — it’s a hobby, one of those therapeutic guy activities, for him. I didn’t even realize that he had been working on it.

Unfortunately, he didn’t take any “before” pictures (he’s obviously not a blogger!), but I’m sure you can picture that it was just a basic kitchen cabinet. He painted the cabinet a light blue color, and used three different pieces of scrap maple wood and glued them tightly together to make the top. He then stained and sealed the wood and added it to the top of the cabinet with liquid nails.

And now, it is a beautiful custom bench for our kids’ room! I can’t wait to find some baskets to put inside it and put it to good use! I think some pillows on top would look cute too, or maybe a little pad to make it into a window seat. And some nice door pulls would be good too.

But really, I’m just thrilled that he finished it so quickly, and for the added storage in my kids’ room!

So, if you have any extra kitchen cabinet just hanging around in your basement, or you happen to come across one at a garage sale or second-hand store, you can easily turn it into a cute storage bench for your toddler’s room!

With the art work, and now the bench, my kids’ room might actually get decorated after all!

Have you repurposed a piece of furniture to use in your toddler’s room?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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