Santa Cams are Watching, Always Watching

When it comes to Christmas, what’s another snowy white lie? I mean, really.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I rely on the magic of Santa to curb tantrums and minimize undesirable behavior. During this period it’s Santa who’s calling the shots and demanding good behavior; not me.

To aid Santa in his warning to be good for goodness sake, I rely on the innocent device you see to your left.

You see a smoke detector; I see a Santa Cam.

Yes, my kids think smoke detectors are actually Santa’s cameras transmitting their every move to the North Pole in streaming video. Every time the smoke detector blinks that flashy light, they gasp; realizing it’s on and really working.

What’s even better is that smoke detectors Santa Cams are everywhere: stores, classrooms, every single room in the house. When my kids start acting naughty I simply point to the Santa Cam and they shape up right quick; I don’t even have to say a word.

The funniest part is that every time and I mean every time I make a pizza in the oven, the smoke detector goes off and they see me fanning the Santa Cam with a towel to make it stop. My eldest has never even asked why. And just in case you were concerned, they really do know what to do in the event of a real fire; we cool.

You may never use the Santa Cam lie but I’m just throwing it out there in case you ever need it. Good behavior on account of the Santa Cam is the closest thing to Christmas magic I’ve ever witnessed.

Do you use Santa to help discipline around the holidays?

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