Saving the Earth One Toddler Snack at a Time

Saving the Earth One Toddler Snack At a TimeToday is Earth Day, and in honor of this holiday I am going to share one simple, little way I’m trying to save the Earth — and that is, in the form of my toddler’s snacking habits.

I will be the first to admit that I am a lover of products that make my life easier. I am a busy mama (much like all of you), so when I discovered those squeeze food pouches for babies it was love at first sight. You mean my kid can feed herself in the car and I don’t have to bring along spoons and bowls and bibs? Sign me up!

Even though my daughter is well into toddlerhood we still buy them because she loves them and they happen to be one of the few ways I can get her to eat veggies. They’re also great for snacking on-the-go in lieu of many of the other carb-laden convenience snack options.

The problem with pouches? 1. They can be expensive, and 2. The packaging isn’t particularly environmentally friendly. Even though most of the caps can be recycled, the main packaging can’t be. This just seems wasteful if it’s a product you’re buying all the time (which I do).

So, we’ve recently taken a baby step toward being a little more environmentally friendly by making some of our own purees and smoothies and toting them in a reusable Little Green Pouch.

Little Green Pouches are awesome because they’re “reusable, freeze-able, dishwasher-able” and can be easily filled via the zippered top. We make a lot of smoothies in our Vitamix around here, but I can only get my daughter to eat them half the time, but there’s something about the pouches and the fact that she can’t see what’s inside that makes it more appealing to her even though it’s essentially the same thing as having a smoothie in a cup. Who knows why … toddlers are just weird like that. But now I can just make my own versions and put them in the pouch and she’s none the wiser. Parenting win, and a budgeting/environment win too.

I know I haven’t exactly reached Captain Planet status with my Earth-saving moves over here, but it’s a small step in the right direction and all those little things add up, right? I’m not saying I’m never going to buy those pre-made food pouches ever again, because let’s be real … sometimes there are hangry toddler emergencies, but it’s nice to know that I have another option too now.

So in honor of Earth Day — here’s to you Little Green Pouch … saving the Earth one toddler snack at a time.


Article Posted 2 years Ago

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