Saying Goodbye to Toddlerhood

When did he get so big?

Sunday marks my first born son’s fourth birthday. He will be leaving the official world of toddlerhood and heading into I guess what we can call childhood.

It seems like yesterday he was born, and now he is a pre-schooler who has the vocabulary of a ten-year-old and can sass me more than any normal child.

We are celebrating with a Build-A-Bear birthday party because his request for all his friends to come to his party really exceeded the maximum capacity of our house.

But I find myself so sad that my little boy is growing up… he is becoming a little man and it seems like every day that goes by he is becoming more of a kid, and less my little baby boy. Yes, even though he will be four on Sunday, he is my baby…

I think your first born child will always remain a baby in some sense to their moms right? Moms, please tell me I am not the only one stuck on this!

But even though Camden is growing up, I will still have a toddler in my house, and hanging out here at Toddler Times… I mean I have another two years till Ben turns four!

I feel like our next step is organized sports, school dances, and prom… Where has the time gone?

I remember bringing him home from the hospital in the snow, and putting him under the Christmas tree as a present. Bringing him on his first boat ride, and first trip to Fenway park.

Moms… chime in!
How do you feel every year as your first born gets older?

  • Our first family picture 1 of 19
    Our first family picture
    Yes, I brought my own blanket to the hospital when he was born! Who is ever warm with hospital blankets?
  • Baby’s First Christmas 2 of 19
    Baby's First Christmas
    We put him under the tree in his Moses basket as our present!
  • First trip to Fenway Park 3 of 19
    First trip to Fenway Park
    Go Sox! We are huge Red Sox fans and when Camden was 5 months old we took him to his first game.
  • Camden’s first swim in the pool 4 of 19
    Camden's first swim in the pool
    Summer of 2008 brought Camden's first swim in an actual big pool.
  • First Birthday party 5 of 19
    First Birthday party
    After my husband attacked me with cake!
  • Camden’s first Christmas tree lighting 6 of 19
    Camden's first Christmas tree lighting
    His first public Christmas tree lighting. One of our favorite things to do annually now!
  • First time playing in the snow 7 of 19
    First time playing in the snow
    His first time "playing" in the snow. He did NOT like it at all!
  • His first haircut 8 of 19
    His first haircut
    Doesn't he look so grown up now?
  • Meeting his brother for the first time 9 of 19
    Meeting his brother for the first time
    Yes, when he met Ben for the first time he tried to smack him right upside the head! Brotherly love!
  • Second Birthday 10 of 19
    Second Birthday
    Camden's second birthday party!
  • Summertime Family Picture 11 of 19
    Summertime Family Picture
    I think I still look really young there!
  • First Hike 12 of 19
    First Hike
    Summer of 2009, our actual first hike at our local nature center.
  • Christmas 2010 13 of 19
    Christmas 2010
    Brotherly love, last Christmas, before their sister joined us.
  • Blizzard of 2011 14 of 19
    Blizzard of 2011
    Helping Daddy shovel the snow!
  • First professional pictures 15 of 19
    First professional pictures
    Camden had a blast taking "maternity" pictures with me. He has adored his sister since she was in the womb!
  • He loved his sister before she was born 16 of 19
    He loved his sister before she was born
    He truly adored her while in my belly... He is a great big brother!
  • Meeting Addison for the first time 17 of 19
    Meeting Addison for the first time
    Don't they both look like they love her? The smile on his face when they met Addison for the first time melted my heart.
  • Greatest Big Brother 18 of 19
    Greatest Big Brother
    Addison's first trip to the pediatrician showed how much of a huge helped Camden would be with her.
  • First day of school! 19 of 19
    First day of school!
    My baby boy is all grown up! This was his first day of pre-school! Next is Kindergarten!

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