Scenes from a Toddler’s House

Someone recently asked me if I lived with my toddler or if she lived with me. At the moment, the answer is— I live with her.

Every aspect of our home, from the living room to our bedroom, has been taken over by Mazzy’s toys, gear and security items. The second anyone walks in our apartment, it is glaringly obvious— a toddler is/was here.

I’m not just talking about the stroller in our front hallway or the potty in our second bathroom. I’m talking about the stuff Mazzy arranges and redecorates herself.

We find miniature Sesame Street characters in a perfect line along the step to our balcony, barnyard animals guarding the top of a kitchen stool, a wooden apple hanging out in the fridge.

Did I mention the rubber duck that lives under the hallway rug? No matter how many times we put him back in the toy bin, he seems to find his way back home.

Letting a toddler wreak havoc in your space is like a window into their brain. Intrusive, adorable and fascinating all at once.

Below are 15 photos of Mazzy injecting a little… Mazzy around the house.

  • Mazzy’s “Stuff” 1 of 13
    Mazzy's "Stuff"
    Sippy cup of water, sippy cup of milk, old "Boo", new "Boo", and Ernie. All hanging out in our bed of course.
  • Bed At the Foot of the Bed 2 of 13
    Bed At the Foot of the Bed
    In the morning, Mazzy likes to pull our down comforter off the bed and lie on top of it on the floor.
  • Sesame Street Picnic 3 of 13
    Sesame Street Picnic
    There is no end to the configurations Mazzy comes up with for her Sesame Street miniatures. Here they are gathered on top of a tissue, around a pot of wooden cheese.
  • The Elephant in the Room 4 of 13
    The Elephant in the Room
    Mike tried to fold that thing back up the other night and FAILED.
  • Minnie’s Sleeping Arrangements 5 of 13
    Minnie's Sleeping Arrangements
    Mazzy likes to take the cushions off the couch and sublet them to her stuffed animals for the night.
  • Bert & Ernie Tea Party 6 of 13
    Bert & Ernie Tea Party
    No explanation necessary.
  • Abby’s Hungry 7 of 13
    Abby's Hungry
    If we are going to force Mazzy to sit down for a meal, then Mazzy is going to force Abby Cadabby to sit down with her.
  • Birthday Cake 8 of 13
    Birthday Cake
    Mazzy made this for me for my birthday. It's two slices of wooden bread with the hot water faucet from her toy kitchen sink posing as a candle on top. I was IMPRESSED.
  • Cookie Monster in Drag 9 of 13
    Cookie Monster in Drag
    I admit that I helped Mazzy with this one. But it was all done under her strict instruction.
  • Mazzy in a Box 10 of 13
    Mazzy in a Box
    This is Mazzy's new favorite spot— a storage container with a pillow and blanket. Too bad that pillow is MINE.
  • Toddler Crime Scene 11 of 13
    Toddler Crime Scene
    I don't know how this started but Mazzy likes to lie down and tells me to "make a bed".
  • Sesame Street Peep Show 12 of 13
    Sesame Street Peep Show
    The first time I saw this, I smiled at Mazzy's attention to detail. The second time, I was a little creeped out.
  • Home for a Duck 13 of 13
    Home for a Duck
    This is the infamous duck. Tucked under the carpet for all to trip on. Ask my husband about that one. His ego is still a little bruised from the fall.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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