Seasonal Affective Disorder and Toddlers

We call this 'starfishing'

I’m not saying that toddlers suffer from SAD, what I am saying is that I’m in uncharted territory when it comes to SAD with Vivi around. Last winter I’d get Vivi up from her cradle in our room, plop her in bed next to me, and spend a half an hour in front of my SAD lamp first thing in the morning. Guess what isn’t conducive to sitting in front of your SAD lamp for a solid half an hour each morning?

Hint, her name is Vivi and she has fabulous hair.

SAD first hit me when we moved to Indiana 6 years ago and it blows. While it’s good to know that what I deal with 6 months out of the year has a name, it’s exhausting to know there isn’t much I can do for it if mother nature decides to be a jerk. How are things going to change this winter? I have a few ideas.

First of all, the SAD lamp ritual will have to relocate to the dining room table, Vivi will just have to bask in the glow of my lamp as well. Meal time is about the only time there is that Vivi sits still so we’ll have to eat breakfast at the same time and slowly. If I were try to use it on my bed or on the couch SOMEONE would make it their business to push all the buttons and knock it over.

The good news is Vivi will force me to get out of bed each morning, something I don’t really like to do when the weather is miserable outside. She’s also going to force me to leave the house because being stuck in my house all winter with a toddler? We could both go crazy. Passes to the Children’s Museum will be acquired as well as regular trips to friends’ houses. (I’m not alone when it comes to the SAD around these parts.) Thankfully Vivi is at that magical age where playing in the toy aisle at Target is just as much fun as the zoo, and it makes trips out of the house much easier.

I’m going to have to eat well, take my pills, take my fish pills, sleep well at night and not boo-hoo the days away when it comes to the weather being truly miserable.

When the sun does come out? You will be able to find me in my front room plopped in front of a sunny window, in our house we call it being a lizard.

Being a lizard.

Last year we escaped to a beach in Florida for a week in February. While last winter was mild, this one is supposed to be a doozy. So Cody? I wouldn’t hate going back to Florida, something to look forward to at the end of a miserable Midwestern winter.

Until then… it’s you and me, Vivi. Let’s not drive each other crazy and let’s not spend the entire winter starfished on the ground moaning about how gloomy it is.


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