Sell Your Leftover Halloween Candy and Benefit the Troops!

leftover halloween candyOnce Halloween is done, there is nothing worse than the candy that looms for weeks sometimes months. While we are all about letting our kids enjoy their Halloween candy, after Halloween is over – so is the candy.  We typically either donate it or send it to work with my husband. I want that sugar out of my house, STAT!

This year, we will be doing something different with our candy. Thanks to my fabulous moms group (h/t Jessica!), I recently learned about the Halloween Buy Back program hosted by dentists across the nation. That’s right – dentist, the people who do not want you eating all of those sweets will give your kid money for their candy!

How much? $1 a pound!

And the dentists aren’t keeping the candy for themselves, they are shipping it to our troops overseas.

Watch this video explaining the Halloween Candy Buyback Program. 

[videopost src=’https://youtu.be/wuLhmdJ7bmk’]

Your kid is happy – MONEY for CANDY! (Watching toddlers spend money is always funny!)

Parents are happy –  No candy in the house, and what a great thing to explain to our kids that the candy they are getting can go to the troops and to children across the world.

Win. Win. 

Find out what dentists in your area are participating in the Halloween Candy Buyback Program.  halloweencandybuyback.com

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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