September’s Instaparent of the Month: @andreamful

This month’s instaparent hails from Bogota, Colombia but moved to Canada 11 years ago. Her name is Andrea, but on IGm you can call her @andreamful. I always thought her name was something in reference to “dreaming” but nope, just her name. She posts pictures mostly of her four-year-old son Mateusz, who she calls “B” or Bresho.

Andrea’s pictures are clean and simple but perfectly capture her little kid’s life. I particularly like how she posts pictures of her son’s little hands eating and crafting, so you know just what “B” is up to throughout the day.

Below are ten of my favorite shots, along with ten questions for one of my favorite ‘grammers.

  • How long have you been on instagram 1 of 10

    I joined Instagram during the winter of 2011.

  • How has your photo style changed since you started? 2 of 10

    I think my photos have become a bit more crisp over time. I relied on Instagram filters only, but I use photo-editing apps now.

  • Do you post pictures in real time or do you take time to edit your photos and carefully curate your stream? 3 of 10

    I usually do not post photos in real time unless I'm at home on my own. Whenever we go out, I usually snap photos and do not look at them until I get home or in the car on the way home. The reason being that I want to enjoy the moment with my family and do not like being distracted by my phone (which, let's face it, happens to be very easy). I have also changed my data plan so that I can't be online all the time. This means there are usually a few hours or even a day delay when I post most of my photos.

  • Do you think more about what your son is wearing and what you do with him since you started instagramming daily? 4 of 10

    The focus of my feed is not kids' fashion so I am not very concerned with making sure that B is always picture-perfect in that sense. He is allowed to wear whatever he wants, although I usually give him options to make it easier for him to decide.

  • Does your son like to be photographed or does he want you to give it a rest? 5 of 10

    B loves being photographed! He was pretty indifferent at first. Now that he is a bit more aware of things, he gets pretty excited about photographing and being photographed. I have made a few photo-books with Instagram photos and he likes looking at them. Whenever I take a photo, he reminds me to include it in the next photo-book.

  • What is the filter you use the most? 6 of 10

    Valencia and willow.

  • What are your favorite editing apps? 7 of 10

    I use VSCOcam and snapseed.

  • Your photos always look so clean and simple. Are you really that neat and orderly in real life? How do you get away with so much white in a house with kids?? 8 of 10

    Thank you! I can't bake to save my life and I am a so-so cook, but I like to think I am good at keeping a tidy home. I am a visual person and feel overwhelmed when things get messy or cluttered. I have a daily routine that keeps the main floor of my house tidy and clean. The upper floor (bedrooms) and the basement are not usually that tidy (but I have good cropping skills). In terms of all the white, the answer is "magic eraser."

  • Who is your favorite person to follow on instagram? 9 of 10

    This is a tough question! I am drawn to the simple and inspiring feeds of Erobyn, confettis, and amberthrane. Love is present in every one of their photos.

  • If someone was just signing up for instagram now, what would be your #1 piece of advice? 10 of 10

    Snap, enjoy the moment, and Instagram later.

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