Setting Goals for Your Toddler

I am not a New Year’s Resolutions kind of person, I prefer goals. I usually like to take the first few weeks of the new year, after the craziness of the holidays has died down, and life has returned mostly back to normal, to reflect on the past year and think of the goals I would like to accomplish for the coming year.

This year as I’ve thought about my own personal goals, and talked with my husband about goals we have for our family, for the first time I have considered setting goals for my kids. Not crazy momzilla type goals – like my daughter who can’t even read yet will be reading 50 page books by the end of the year. But simple, basic, and achievable goals for my kids based on their ages and stages of life.

So, my goals for my toddler this year are:

1. Potty Training. He’s doing pretty well, and mostly it’s just that I need to step up and help him get it completely. I’d like him to be at least fully day-trained before baby #3 arrives in June.

2. Memory Verses. I want to help my kids memorize Bible verses that will help them with their behavior and attitude on a day-to-day basis. This week we memorized: “Do everything without complaining or arguing.” Because we’ve been dealing with lots of that around here lately!

3. Expressing Emotions. I want to continue to help Bren learn how to appropriately express his emotions. He’s been having tons of tantrums lately about things that are totally unnecessary. I love the idea of using something like these playdough-filled balloon stress balls to help him learn about emotions.

4. Inspire His Creativity. I want my son to continue to play creatively, use his imagination, and develop a genuine love of learning. He’s become a little addicted to the iPhone over the past few weeks, so I definitely want to curb that and keep him interested in good old fashioned play. I’m also hoping to do more crafts with him over the next year.

I was inspired to make goals for my kids by this post, which also includes a great free printable for writing down your goals for your kids.

What goals have you set for your kids this year?

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