Setting Up a Family Night

First, I need you to promise that you won’t judge any typos in this post because a) it’s Friday and b) I’m tired and c) I have the beginnings of a migraine. Go easy on me, friends.

My husband’s father is in town for the night. He has a doctor’s check-up and it got me thinking that we should do something really, really fun. Harrison doesn’t get to see Grandpa very often so I’d like for all of our visits together to carry good memories. On the other hand, Grandpa is recovering from oral surgery and prepping for another. It is Friday, so we’re all tired. I was thinking that we will probably hit up the park after work to let the H-bomb run some steam off and then sit down for dinner, probably chicken pot pie. On the way to work, Harrison asked to watch “the princess movie” tonight, which means Tangled it is.

Sounds like a pretty cool night of family dinner and movies.

Then I started thinking that we should do this every Friday night. 

We should create a little low-key casual family tradition where Friday nights are sacred as time to put on the fat pants and watch a Disney movie. Maybe make it pizza night? I just always want to have a set time in our lives where we connect as a family, to have one night where nobody comes in and nobody goes out, but it’s just us and our little relationships.

Do you have any family night traditions? Do you carve out one night a week to just be together and do something fun?


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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