Shared Spaces: A Look into Harlan and Avery’s Big Girl Room

Last year I took you on a tour of Harlan and Avery’s nursery in our apartment here in New York City. While I loved their room, they were starting to outgrow it. When I found out I was pregnant, I thought it would be a great time to transition both girls to more of a big girl room before the baby came.

I knew that I wanted to completely re-design their room and make it truly a space that they could enjoy. While they loved playing in their room, I found that they were playing more in our family room area than the space dedicated to them that had all of their toys. With the new baby and all of his stuff that goes with him, our family room was starting to get cluttered. I wanted the girls to enjoy playing in their room and love sleeping in it even more!

With the room being both small and a shared space, I went to Michelle Freedberg of Bellini and Sam Simon of Sam Simon Projects to help me out. I’ve shared some of Michelle’s shared space tips with you and I took those into consideration as we redesigned the room. One thing that was very important to me was getting the girls involved. I asked both of them what colors they wanted, and of course they both said pink.

With that in mind, we started putting together a room that would get all of their baby furniture out and their big girl furniture in, which included bunk beds. It took a few months to pull everything together, but I am truly amazed at how incredible their room turned out. Michelle did such an amazing job and incorporated everything that I wanted, the girls wanted, and more! It’s a room that they will love growing up in!

  • Bunk Beds 1 of 6

    The furniture that we used to have in their room was dark and too big for the room. My number one thing I wanted for the girls' "big girl room" was bunk beds. They open up the room, and the girls are in love with them. I also wanted more storage space and these beds are higher off the ground so they leave plenty of space underneath to store all of the girls' toys. I also wanted to have an accent wall painted in their room, and I am so happy with the plaid design that my friend and professional artist, Sam Simon, came up with. It incorporates all of the colors I wanted and adds a great backdrop for their gorgeous bunk beds.

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  • Storage and Work Space 2 of 6

    Storage space is especially important to us not only because they share a room, but also because the room is a bit small. I loved this side table because of the sleek design its storage space underneath. This was a great place for me to put their art supplies because they love to color. 

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  • Personalization 3 of 6

    All of the furniture in the girls' room before was very dark and way too big for the space. I really wanted all white furniture to open everything up and make it look more spacious. I love that they added the pink knobs to the dresser to make it stand out more. And to add a pop of gold to the room, Sam Simon took the letters that I had originally painted pink and were above the girl's beds, painted them gold and added gold glitter to make them stand out. I absolutely love them and it's such a simple way to add some personalization and sparkle to the room. 

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  • Adding Art as a Focal Point 4 of 6

    The room inspiration came from this painting that was done by the amazing artist, Sam Simon. I loved that it incorporated the pink that my girls love plus the grey and gold that I love. It is so stunning and looks incredible in that place on the wall. It looks like it was made for that space. 

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  • A Little Surprise 5 of 6

    I would have never thought that an elephant would have gone with the theme of the girls' room, but when I saw this above the door, I fell in love with it. It adds a bit of surprise to the room and something you wouldn't expect. As a big fan of sparkle, the glitter tusks are absolutely amazing. 

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  • Storage Baskets 6 of 6

    Storage is huge for us, so I made sure to stock up on these cute baskets to put all of the girls' stuffed animals in. I feel like they have really brought in a lot of stuffed animals over the years, and these baskets are such a cute way to store them. 

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You can check out this amazing video of the reveal of their new big girl room:

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