Sharing is Caring

sharing is caringIt’s started.

Our 2-year-old Izaiah and our 1-year-old Zeke are now old enough to play with the same toys. It all started late last week when a new rocking horse came to town. It was an epic battle for who gets to ride the pony. After letting Izaiah on the rocking horse, Zeke wanted a turn. I went to help Izaiah off and put Zeke on, but that didn’t happen.  Izaiah rode scooted the horse away into another room and away he went (until I put Zeke down and went chasing after him).

I guess it’s time to start the lessons on sharing, because sharing is caring (was that from Care Bears or Barney?).

For the most part our boys haven’t had any major issues in regards to the sharing game. With Zeke on the go and into more stuff, particularly things that interest Izaiah — it was bound to happen. So how do you teach your toddler to share? 

With our 2 older kids being 25 months apart, we went through this same routine. The last several years between our kids, nieces, nephews, and friends we’ve picked up a few tips on teaching kids how to share.

Read 5 Tips for Teaching Your Child to Share.

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