Should We Get Our Toddler a Power Wheel?

Y’all, Santa is in trouble.

The kind of trouble where two parents go to look at scooters to price them out in anticipation of Christmas (which is roughly 3 months away and I don’t mean to scare you but that’s not much time!) and they forget what lurks just one aisle over – POWER WHEELS.  Harrison had a brief run-in with the little working cars about six months ago, but they didn’t quite click just yet. But oh, they clicked today.  He ran right over to the blue Mini Cooper and hopped in and just about died from toddler bliss.

Then he saw the Jeep.

Then he saw the police car.

And then it was over.  He officially had Power Wheel fever.

So the question is … do we get him one for Christmas?

A very huge part of me does not want one, simply because of the size and expense and how fickle kids can be. After all, he’s only three and I’ve seen him get this excited over a five-pack of Matchbox cars.

But we have friends whose kids have Power Wheels and they’re basically the cat’s pajamas and greatest things ever.  I admit that as a kid, I wanted one so badly but I knew better than to ask my parents; that just wasn’t the kind of thing they did.  So giving one to my own kid when he wants it is kind of like fulfilling my own childhood dream.

And it’s still cheaper than that pony that I wanted.

Does your kid have a Power Wheel? Any advice on it? Thoughts on it?

I’m thinking I should start stalking Craigslist for any used ones.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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