Sh*t I Found Under My Couch

Toddlers ARE hoarders

This weekend my husband and I re-arranged our living room. We have been wanting to put out television on the other side of the room in an attempt to really open our living room up more…

Well we accomplished it all — one thing we were NOT prepared for was finding all the sh*t our toddler had hidden behind and under the couch. I am sure the older kid helped with the crap, but I was downright shocked by some of the stuff we found.

I am sure I will never have to buy socks again in their lives, because I found their favorite hiding spot. Or maybe it was the sock gnomes? 

Either way, I was completely amused, and wanted to share… I would love for all you guys to chime in with some of the silly stuff you have found when cleaning up after your kids!

  • Fire Trucks 1 of 7
    Fire Trucks
    I can't even count how many toy fire trucks we found.
    All sizes!
    From Matchbox trucks, to full size ones I have no idea how they even FIT behind the couch!
    I am not surprised given the fire truck obsession in our house.
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  • Socks 2 of 7
    Lots of SOCKS!
    Not just the toddler's socks... but the husband's socks as well.
    I automatically assumed that it was the laundry gnomes stealing them all.
    Now I know it was just a hoarding toddler.
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  • Crumbs 3 of 7
    This little plate with a few crumbs on it has nothing on what I found.
    Glad I own a vacuum, and I can officially say...NO MORE food in the living room.
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  • Wrapping Paper 4 of 7
    Wrapping Paper
    Crumpled up wrapping paper from Christmas.
    I think the toddler thought if he hid it behind the couch that eventually it would bring him more gifts?
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  • Sippy Cup’s! 5 of 7
    Sippy Cup's!
    I found THREE sippy cups.
    Not one... not two... but three!
    I didn't even bother to open them up and see what was inside them, or even estimate how long they were there...
    Garbage they went!
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  • Half the Spoons I Own 6 of 7
    Half the Spoons I Own
    Half of the spoons in my house were hidden under the couch.
    I guess he doesn't care for the forks?
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  • My Missing Sunglasses 7 of 7
    My Missing Sunglasses
    I have been missing my old aviator sunglasses.
    Well I found them under the couch along with all the fun...
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