Sippy Cup Hell No More

sippy cup clutterLet’s talk about sippy cups. These little cups are such a big deal when transitioning from a bottle. I’ll never forget with our first kid, I went out and bought a huge assortment making a big deal of NO MORE BOTTLE! I wanted to make sure that she would drink from the cup, oh it had to be cute. Why? She was my first child gosh darnet.

Then we had another child, 2 drinking from sippy cups. Our assortment of cups grew. Before we knew it, we were living in sippy cup hell. Finding a cup topper, or straw that matched the cup became as tedious as matching socks. No thank you!  Oh and I haven’t even said anything about storing these things. We had an entire cabinet dedicated to sippy cups. Lovely.

We once again have 2 toddlers, both drinking from sippy cups  – but this time around, we are keeping it simple.  Sorry boys, mommy isn’t falling for cute sippy cups ever again. Mommy just buys 1 type of cup, and after wasting tons of money on cups that have to be trashed due to spoiled milk – these cups are cheap.

Here are the cups that have saved us from sippy cup hell:

First Year Take and Toss Cups – 4 for around $4!

no more sippy cup hell

Available at Target

They stack easy – we buy both the sippy cup and straw tops versions, both work on the cups.  We store the cup toppers and straws in the drawer. It’s all so easy and simple, no guess work and they are cheap!


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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