Skip The Candy: 10 Alternative Halloween Treats!


Halloween traditionally is full of candy. Lots and lots of candy, and even a week before Halloween my two toddlers are already on a sugar rush from the different Halloween related events we have been to where candy has been the main treat.

While we don’t stay home and give out treats to trick-or-treaters in our area, if I did I would be skipping the candy and springing for some more alternative, healthier, and downright fun treats. Kids are going to get enough candy for the night so why not try and switch it up a little bit?

I am sure once my kids are a little bit older and I am not so focused on being super mom and we actually stay home for Halloween instead of traveling to Grandma’s house for a huge to-do, I will spring for some of these alternatives from my list!

Feel free to comment and add some of your candy alternatives you give out, or would like to give out!

  • Crayons 1 of 10
    Halloween themed crayons are a great idea!
    Buy from Amazon
  • Stickers 2 of 10
    Halloween stickers instead of candy!
    Buy on Party Cheap
  • Halloween Colored Play-Doh 3 of 10
    I love this! We always get it for Halloween in our house, and it makes for a great treat to hand out on Halloween instead of Candy!
    Buy from Hasbro
  • Pencils 4 of 10
    Pencils with halloween themed designs. They can use them for school, or other projects!
    Buy from Smile Makers
  • Halloween Bubbles! 5 of 10
    What kid doesn't love bubbles? They make a great alternative!
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  • Individual Packs of Pretzels 6 of 10
    A healthy and great alternative for candy, and most of the time you can buy them in bulk!
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  • Juice Boxes! 7 of 10
    It is not candy, but it is a tasty treat for your trick or treaters!
    Buy from Juicy Juice
  • Fake Fangs! 8 of 10
    Fake fangs are great! But make sure you buy the appropriate size for children! They can become a choking hazard!
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  • Glow Sticks! 9 of 10
    They not only are fun, but they help kids trick or treat safely! It is a double treat, one for the kids and one for the parents!
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  • Temporary Tattoos 10 of 10
    Temporary tattoos instead of candy!
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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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