Skyping with a Toddler

skyping with a toddlerPro Tip: When leaving your children behind so you can go on vacation, be sure you leave them with someone who knows how social media works. Addie stayed with a friend and I was only able to get one email update on her super fancy Valentine’s hairstyle. Vivi on the other hand stayed with my friends who know how to keep a mama updated on her baby while she’s away. Cody and I anxiously checked Instagram and twitter each day hoping for little glimpses of Vivi. It wrecked Cody to see that Vivi had taken an adoration to my friend’s husband, “That guy is playing with my Vivi.” I realize when you leave your kids and go away with your spouse you’re supposed to forget about the kids and enjoy your spouse, but we found it hard not to think about them.

“Vivi would jump off that ledge.”

“Addie would never get out of that pool.”

“Don’t you think we’d have a hard time getting Vivi out of the sand?”

“Do you think Addie would get in the ocean?”

One tweet said that Vivi had taken to licking every single french fry at dinner. Another one proclaimed her love of pancakes.

On Friday morning I was able to arrange a Skype date with Vivi, she would jump, smile and wave at us. So many times when she “talks” to Cody on the phone (meaning the phone is on speaker) she only waves and smiles, all things Cody can’t hear. It turns into this awkward conversation of “Can she hear me? Did she wave? Am I just saying ridiculous things to a room full of strangers and Vivi isn’t actually there?” With Skype however we were able to carry on a little conversation with her.

When it came time to say goodbye she got a little sad, which of course made us sad, then just like that she said “BYE!” and slammed the laptop shut.



We talk to my parents on Skype as often as possible and the ones who have made an effort to get it set up on their on computers seem to be the ones my girls have the closest relationship with. The best is when they don’t realize the camera is on and we can see and hear all of their little arguments over which button to push and which thing should be lit up.

We still use our video monitor to creep on Vivi when she’s asleep and we’re totally the type of parents who would buy one of those “see them from anywhere!” wireless video monitors for our next kid if there were one. They just grow up so fast, especially at this age, I hate to miss any of it.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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