Sleep Training Toddlers

Sleep Training Toddler Sleep training toddlers is something that has caught my eye here lately.  While our toddler Zeke is a rock star sleeper who doesn’t function unless he gets 14 hours of sleep a day, Izaiah is a whole different story.

I’ve talked about Izaiah before. The kid is awesome but somedays I think he is trying to give me a heart attack. He is now 3-years-old. Since turning 18-months, his sleeping patterns have gone to crap.  He tosses, turns, jumps on the beds and then gets bored and wakes up anyone who is sleeping. This is during both bedtime and nap time and while it’s really annoying, I am mostly bothered by his behavior.  Like most kids, when Izaiah has gotten his fair amount of sleep – he is a different child.

In an attempt to create some type of routine, we are in the midst of starting sleep training. Our goal is to get Izaiah to sleep at least 9 hours at night and to rest at least an hour during the day before school starts back up late August. We are hoping this will give us plenty of time to work with him before our family goes back on a strict schedule.

While sleep training for every family looks different, this is what we are doing:

Bed Time Routine

Each night the bed time routine will be the exact same.

Toddler Alarm Clock

Hoping that a toddler alarm clock to help teach him when he can get out of bed.

Reward System

We are setting up a reward system to encourage sleep. Thankfully he responds well to fruit snacks.

Family Effort

Izaiah loves to bed hop. It’s going to take all hands on deck to help keep him in his bed.

Consistent Bed and Nap Time

This is totally our fault. We are in the midst of a crazy non-scheduled summer right now. Even if Izaiah’s bed time is later than normal, we need be more consistent.

Have you sleep trained your toddler? Any tips or words of advice? 


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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