Sleepless in Dallas

sleepless in dallasWe’re sleepless in Dallas. The last 3 weeks have been a nightmare. The last week has been down right HELL. My husband and I have become zombies and the toddlers, well they are winning. I thought sleepless nights happened when the kids were newborns, apparently I was W-R-O-N-G!

3 weeks ago, our son Izaiah decided that sleep wasn’t a necessity in his life — so he went on strike. In 3 weeks, there hasn’t been a time that he has slept more than 6 hours without waking up.

Every night we have the same bedtime routine with him. He is bed by 9:00 and he throws a temper tantrum and crib jumps for the next 2 or so hours. He finally crashes on the floor of his room. Come 5 am he jumps out of his crib and proceeds to knock down the baby gate. Then it’s FREEDOM! First up? Destroy the playroom. Next? Wake up Mommy and Daddy. (My husband and I are night owls, typically going to bed around 2 am). When we won’t move over, he climbs right in the middle and does this sprawl so he touches both me and my husband.

Izaiah steam mopping instead of sleeping. Who needs sleep? NOT this toddler
Izaiah steam mopping instead of sleeping. Who needs sleep? NOT this toddler

After I wake up and put him back to bed … he jumps out and does the show all over again. A few times, he’s gotten bored of the upstairs and makes his way down to find food and wake his siblings up. A few days ago, I found him downstairs trying to steam mop our floors. He plugged it in, didn’t have a pad on the plastic, just scraping and steaming the wood floors. Just a typical AM in the life of Izaiah.

So that’s the last few weeks, and then this last week; our 1-year-old Zeke has taken up teething. The poor little dude only has 1 tooth and apparently there are a few others wanting to make an appearance as well. He wakes up screaming. I comfort him and medicate, but the medicine takes a good 30 minutes to work. Rinse and repeat..

Between the sleeplessness of the toddler and the teething of the 1-year-old, I’m DONE. Are there night nurses for toddlers? I may need to call one, just so I can get some rest … argh.

What Do You Do About Sleepless Toddlers?

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