Smart Trike Dream: Review and Giveaway

Vivi loves to ride on Addie’s old trike. None of us, however, like to push Vivi on Addie’s old trike. Vivi can’t and won’t be able to reach the pedals for awhile so we’re the ones bent over pushing her while our backs swear at us in their own terrible language. She occasionally bails off the seat mid ride and will yank the handlebars into a totally different direction. When she’s not the one riding she likes to push bunny on the tricycle which just ends up infuriating her because she can’t control the steering and bunny falls off the seat constantly.

When Smart Trike contacted me about checking out their new Smart Trike Dream? I took one look and said “YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU.” It had pedals Vivi could reach, steering she could still play with but not mess with, a handle for the big people to push her without their backs crying mercy and a seat belt for both Vivi and bunny. The assembly instructions were much like Ikea or LEGO assembly instructions, one allen wrench and all pictures which led me to frustration several times, but once I got it together it was a dream (pun intended.) My only regret is that we didn’t have one sooner so Vivi could have cruised around in the little shaded baby seat.

The trike “grows” with your child through different four phases, baby (10+ months) which includes the safety bar and Y harness, 18+ mos (which is where Vivi is at) which includes a seat belt, footrests, and parent led steering. Last it converts to a trike when your tyke is ready to take off on their own adventures (well, within reason) with fold out pedals, steering, removable parent handle and seat belt. Enough talking! Let’s see this baby in action and get to the giveaway shall we?

  • Smart Trike Dream 1 of 12
    Smart Trike Dream
    Shown here in blue with the 10-18 month set up including 3 point Y harness, shoulder pads, seat belt, safety harness, and canopy.
  • Stationary pedals 2 of 12
    Stationary pedals
    If you've ever tried to push a short legged toddler on a trike then you'll know what good news these little guys are.
  • Both sets of pedals fold out and in 3 of 12
    Both sets of pedals fold out and in
    When your toddler is ready to begin pedaling on their own, the stationary pedals fold back in flush with the bike and the front non slip pedals fold out.
  • Lockable steering 4 of 12
    Lockable steering
    Vivi can currently turn the handlebars without turning the front wheel. When she's ready to do her own steering I can lock the handlebars to the wheel allowing her to choose her own destiny. I nice feature.
    Also? A cup holder. Because staying hydrated is very, very important.
  • Phone holder! 5 of 12
    Phone holder!
    The Smart Trike Dream comes with an attached phone, meaning it can't be tossed mid roll.
  • Talking to her baby peeps. 6 of 12
    Talking to her baby peeps.
    While I'm not exactly on team "teach them to talk and drive young" I understand the concept of having something there to play with. Not to mention she loves it.
  • Rear brake 7 of 12
    Rear brake
    For those times you want to take an artistic photo of your child reflecting in a puddle without them rolling into the puddle.
  • Height adjustable parent handle 8 of 12
    Height adjustable parent handle
    This is the handle fully extended so I could push the little nugget around our cul-de-sac. (It really is easy to steer.)
  • Handle adjusted lower 9 of 12
    Handle adjusted lower
    Vivi likes to push bunny in her new bike just as much as she likes to ride in it, which is why I'm even more thankful the handle adjusts to a lower position she can reach.
  • Sister pushes. 10 of 12
    Sister pushes.
    Here's Addie modeling the lower handle setting, proving that even siblings can get in on the Smart Trike Dream action!
  • Roomy back bucket 11 of 12
    Roomy back bucket
    Bunny's going to need somewhere to ride when Vivi's off on her own adventures. (But she's probably going to carry rocks and dirt back there first.)
  • Treasure pocket 12 of 12
    Treasure pocket
    A nice roomy zippered pocket for any walk essential, phone, keys, snacks, and more.


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Disclosure: I was provided one Smart Trike Dream in purpleĀ  in order to facilitate my review. Opinions are my own, as usual. The Smart Trike Dream is available at Toys R Us for $129.99.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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