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School is back in session which means most parents are back in their cars, chauffering kids to and from class, play dates, school activities and extra-curricular stuff – depending on the age of your kid.

If you’re anything like me, in between getting kids ready, housework, writing and driving you barely have time to wolf down food while hovering over the sink and by the time you do have a few seconds you’re usually inhaling the easiest thing from the cupboard and it’s generally not the healthiest option. That or you’re hoovering your kid’s food after he finishes eating, which, ain’t the best either if your kid happens to be in the tater tot/chicken nugget/mac & cheese phase that all children seem to go through.

However, I’ve been doing something lately that’s helped me avoid snacking on the bad stuff to curb hunger.

I happened to notice this little 100 calorie thing on the box of Ziploc bags I purchased and thought, yeah, okay, I’ll put snacks in these bags and leave them in the fridge or the cupboard so I can just grab them while on the go.

Almonds, strawberries, orange slices, carrot sticks, grapes and sometimes cheese. I checked calorie amounts so each serving is no more than 100 calories. Now I’m no longer chowing down at dinner while telling myself it’s okay because I haven’t eaten all day. And if I do have a few seconds to snarf something over the sink I’m not reaching for chips or stealing nuggets from the kids’ lunch – I’m grabbing a bag of almonds… Most of the time, anyway.

A big thanks to Ziploc for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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