Snack vs Dog (A Hilarious Photo Series!)

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Don’t even think about it…

With two big dogs in the house, we’ve worked hard to nurture mutual respect for all the beings in our house. Cullen knows to pet gently and not tug on whiskers or tails, and the dogs have learned to take treats from tiny fingers and not lick sticky faces. There have been a few bumps on the road, but overall it’s gone pretty well.

Our biggest battle these days is over food. Despite never getting table scraps or anything other than dog food and treats, my dogs are huge mooches. They perch under the high chair ready to pounce on every stray pea. And they are under my feet every night while I cook, hoping and waiting for a sweet potato cube to hit the ground.

Now that Cullen is eating all solid food, there are a lot of little snack cups and plates sitting around. The dogs just can’t seem to help themselves. Most of the time, if Cullen is having a snack outside of the high chair, I’ll gate the dogs off so he can eat in peace. Otherwise they stalk him and pounce on every fallen Cheerio. Yesterday, it was snack time and I was having an apple. Cullen decided he was going to steal it from me, so I let him have it for a few bites.

I turned around to see that Cullen decided to take my lead and do some sharing of his own. The rest is history, and pretty hilarious. Glad I had my camera close by! Click below to see a battle of boy vs dog. I think the apple was the clear loser…

  • Snack time! 1 of 10
    Snack time!
    I have such a hard time biting through this tough skin...
  • Yum 2 of 10
    Mmmm, apple. My favorite word and my favorite snack. Exactly what I needed this afternoon!
  • Uh oh 3 of 10
    Uh oh
    It appears I have company.
  • Mom, are you seeing this? 4 of 10
    Mom, are you seeing this?
    Can he have his own snack? I'm sort of enjoying mine.
  • He seems hungry… 5 of 10
    He seems hungry...
    Do you think I should share?
  • Okay, just a bite 6 of 10
    Okay, just a bite
    I'm just learning to share, so I guess you can have some
  • Wait a minute… 7 of 10
    Wait a minute...
    Not the whole thing!
  • That did not go as planned 8 of 10
    That did not go as planned
  • So much for sharing 9 of 10
    So much for sharing
    He is eating that apple whole, much faster than I ever could!
  • Can I have another snack? 10 of 10
    Can I have another snack?
    I'm not sharing this time.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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