Snow Days Ain’t No Thang: On Giving In to The Unexpected As a Parent

On Embracing The Snow Days

Snow day. It’s like the voice of impending doom has come knocking, with its brazen power over your routine — especially if one considers themselves a routine ninja. When one discovers that a snow day is about to happen, you never get enough notice and it’s always on a day where there are deadlines and lists and to-dos out the wazoo.

There just isn’t enough time to let that all go by the wayside and engage in hours of playdough cookie-making and singing songs that involve hand-clapping, body-twirling and nose-touching.

Wait, what?

I’d much rather be doing that stuff, truth be told. It’s (part of) why I’m parent. But then there’s this pissy amount of reality that an adult parent has to deal with — the work, the boss, the bills and the responsibilities and all that craptastic adult stuff. So, when I find out that it’s going to be a snow day, my brain goes into a tailspin. I automatically accept the fact that the day is going to be a gong show.

Yet, last week when the call came, I caught myself. Working from home as a freelance writer, recipe developer and crafty wench has its advantages, after all. Perhaps not most notably in what I get to call myself. In a way, I’m my own boss. Sort of. I can put the brakes on my work without a dam breaking. YEO woman I am, CEO I am not.

It didn’t happen right away. But after about an hour of trying to work and amuse my kids at the same time, without plopping them down in front of a screen (not that there’s anything wrong with that, we’re just trying to do way less of it), I rolled myself back home. That is I rolled my brain back to an alternate reality. One that involves realizing that all of those craptastic adult responsibilities involving work and deadlines can WAIT. They’ll still be there after the kids are in bed. Or tomorrow. The world isn’t going to implode, just because my inbox does. The kind of day that I have with my kids is completely in my hands. It’s all up to me, whether or not my kids feel my stress, tugging on my leg umpteenth times, begging with their eyes for me to just close the computer and play with them. That needs not be a reality that I create.

A snow day can be a glorious thing, the whisper of truth that I’ve let myself embrace. One rich with lazing about in jammies, hot chocolate, pancakes, craft-making, story-reading and cuddles. The sort of stuff that makes my heart sing — and, from the expressions on my little ones faces when we spend time together like this, theirs, too.


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