So, How's The Weaning Coming Along, Naomi?

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Remember back when I first wanted to do some night-weaning? Remember again when I was attempting to reduce feedings?  I gave everyone tips on how to wean their toddlers? And that whole thing about musical beds?

Yeah, don’t listen to me.

I mean, listen to me, I mean, errr, read me,  but don’t follow my example.

Fuzz is still a nursing fiend at 19 months. Yes, I have managed to cut down the nursing to one time during the day, but then…there’s the night.

Dude still wakes up…a lot. We are successful getting him back to sleep the first time. The second time is a little more challenging but he will usually go back down after lots of tears. By the third or fourth time (usually about 10 minutes after the previous time) Fuzz just wants to nurse, and gosh darn it, both parents want to go back to sleep!

So,  little dude takes matters into his own hands. He crawls out of his bed and thumps his way into mine. Then he says “Mook” “Mook” “Mook” “Mook” “Mook” “Mook” like a thousand times while grabbing my boobs.

Wait a minute…does this sound familiar???

My first child did a very similar thing, but he was more interested in cuddling with me than nursing. He still crawls into bed with me at 4am some nights.  He had been night-weaned for a while by that point.

Fuzz was night-weaned, until he wasn’t.


(Okay, I went away for a weekend when I was 8 months pregnant with Fuzz, but that doesn’t count).

I’ll be away for 3 whole nights. I was planning on being weaned by now (I only nursed Shnook to 19 months) or at least having it down to once a day so it wouldn’t be such a big deal if I left.

Now, it feels like a big deal. But really there’s not a whole lot I can do. I’m definitely going (of course, unless I get the stomach flu again). So, the question is:

Should I just continue as I’ve been doing and cut him off cold turkey? Or should I try to put down the hammer in the next 3 weeks (and endure more screaming at nighttime) to cut down a little more gradually? He probably nurses a total of 4 times in a 24 hour period.

What would you do? I’m physically ready to stop nursing, even if mentally it might be difficult.

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