Some Things Never Change: Eskimo Mothers Warmly Wearing their Children, Circa 1903 – 1910 (PHOTOS)

Inuit mom
There is no warmth like babywearing warmth

Babywearing and toddler wearing has always been fashionable, especially when love, but especially warmth, are the purpose.

Eskimo, or Inuit women, are no exception, wearing specially designed, extra large parkas with hoods designed to carry their children and protect them from cold, harsh winds.

Take a look at these gorgeous photos of Eskimo mothers wearing their children, circa the early 1900s:

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    According to Windows to the Universe, Inuit (or, in some areas, Eskimo) communities are found in the Artic, Alaska, Russia, and in the Northwest Territories, Labrador and Quebec in Canada.
    Source: WindowsToTheUniverse.Org
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    In the Inuktitut language, "Inuit" means "the people."
    Source: WindowsToTheUniverse.Org
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    Early 20th Century Inuit parka
    Traditionally, Inuit jackets, called parkas, or amautiit, were made using animal skins, and women wore thick coats in large sizes in order to carry around their children to protect them from the cold winds.
    Source: WindowsToTheUniverse.Org
    Photo credit: Wikipedia
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    Inuit life was often defined by their harsh climates and some lived in homes made of snow during winter months.
    Source: WindowsToTheUniverse.Org
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    In the summertime, tent-like homes were made of animal skins stretched over a frame.
    Source: WindowsToTheUniverse.Org
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    Circa 1900
    Intuit life has changed over the past century, but what remains are deep, rich cultural traditions such as storytelling and mythology.
    Source: WindowsToTheUniverse.Org
    Photo credit: Wikipedia
  • Circa 1878 7 of 8
    Circa 1878
    Vintage engraving from 1878 of Eskimos of West Greenland.
    Photo credit: iStock
  • Circa 1862 8 of 8
    Circa 1862
    Eskimo men and women at Godhavn from "Good words."
    Photo credit: iStock

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