Someone Has A Case of the Mondays

::drags self onto toddler times and collapses::

Hi, folks.  How’s it shaking?

We have been so busy the past week that I confess I’m still reeling a little.  First, we all got sick as dogs with this nasty sinus thing (you’re welcome if you’re eating lunch) and on Monday we had the horrible decision of who stays home with the sick baby.  Doug works with only one other person at a small company, I’m a contractor with zero time off.  Which means that Harrison gets caught in this awful no-man’s land.  Doug ended up taking him in to work with him for the first half of Monday until my mother got off work to take him home.  Poor little dude – it’s just going to be like that for a while until our jobs settle down.

Plus, I had to excuse myself from work for our new house inspection on Wednesday afternoon and somehow our 2010 taxes got packed which means I get to go stand in line at the local IRS office for our W2’s, which are essential for a loan.  Doesn’t being an adult ROCK?!  #sarcasmfont

We did have some great highlights as a family this week, though.  Check ’em out:

  • To paint or not to paint? 1 of 9
    To paint or not to paint?
    So when I'm not working & mothering, I'm obsessing over my new kitchen. Do I paint the cabinets white? Keep them black? Rip them out?
  • We’ve been sick. All of us. 2 of 9
    We've been sick. All of us.
    We're going on two weeks of this incredible, nasty crud that is in our noses & lungs. I finally took Harrison to the doctor on Friday for antibiotics & it seems to be helping - the only one not getting better is me because I keep using my lunch break to take care of everyone else. Yay, motherhood?
  • The chairs that got away. 3 of 9
    The chairs that got away.
    I found these babies in Home Goods on Friday night & sat in them for 30 minutes, trying to decide whether or not to buy them. They're gorgeous & a steal at $200 apiece, but moving them twice? No, thanks. There will be other chairs, right?
  • Golf lessons. 4 of 9
    Golf lessons.
    Can I brag on my kid a second? He's getting AWESOME with his little putter. He & Doug practice every night.
  • Home Inspections! 5 of 9
    Home Inspections!
    We started fixing the few requests on our house made by our buyers & got to inspect the home we're buying! This is me in my new front living room, doing the "girly" things like measuring for blinds & rugs while the boys look at HVAC stuff.
  • Highlight of the Week 6 of 9
    Highlight of the Week
    Realizing I have my very own Magnolia tree in my new front yard. It's blooming & it smells like Heaven.
  • Date Day. 7 of 9
    Date Day.
    My mother-in-law came on Saturday to play with Harrison, so Doug & I went mattress shopping. I think we've narrowed it down to our favorite, but we also need to buy a new bed. It's so expensive, but we've been sleeping on a mattress on a floor for 8 months & are ready to upgrade.
  • Momma & Harrison nap. 8 of 9
    Momma & Harrison nap.
    It's a RARE treat when my kid naps with me. So Sunday afternoon, he came in teary after only napping an hour in his bed & he crawled into the master bed with me. Within 5 minutes, he was out like a light for another two hours.
  • This is how Harry & I feel about today being Monday. 9 of 9
    This is how Harry & I feel about today being Monday.
    The end.

*sips soup and munches on salad*  So how was your week?


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